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PASR Solo Autocross Fall 2022 Series Event 4

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PASR Solo Autocross Fall 2022 Series Event 4


For the Fall event series PASR is going back to a full day event.  What this means is every entrant will have to be onsite, registered and teched before the driver's meeting at 7:55 am.  There might be as many at 150 drivers all there at the same time so please plan on being at the gate at 6:30 am and be ready to get registered and teched right away.  The sooner we get everyone ready to race, the more runs we can get. 

You will be asked during registration if you have an AMP Sound Sticker in your driver's door jamb.  If you answer no, you will not be able to register for Groups A and C as they will be either running or worker when we do the sound check at 8:00 am

You will also be asked if you'd like to stay for Time Only runs after Groups A-D are finished.  For $15.00 more you can get one more run group and work assignment.  These runs will not count toward your official scoring, but will give you the opportunity to Test N Tune a bit, swap cars with another driver, or have an experienced driver drive your car to pick up some tips to improve your racing skills.  Our anticipation is for this schedule to allow 4 runs each per regular run group and an addition 4 runs during the Time Only Run groups.  These numbers may be adjusted as necessary during the event to make sure we are finished up when we need to be.

There is also a new question box asking if you will have another driver driving your car during your same run group?  Please put the other driver's name in this box if so.  If someone else is driving your car in a different run group, please leave this box blank.

Updated event day Schedule:

6:00 am Gates open only for Setup, Waiver, SSS, Etc.

6:30 am Gates Open for drivers and guests

6:30 am Registration opens

6:30 am Tech opens

7:00 am Course open for walking 

7:30 am Novice Course Walk

7:35 am Registration and Tech close

7:45 am Course closed for walking 

7:55 am Driver's Meeting

8:00 am Sound check Group B and D drivers only 

8:15 am First car off

4:00 pm End of event


Updated Event requirements for registration:

  • Only Pre-Registered drivers will be allowed to compete, no walk up registration.  
  • New loaner helmets will be available for use, first come first served, please return when not in use so others will have access to them.
  • Please sign Speedwaiver using link in online receipt and show confirmation Speedwaiver is signed at waiver station.
  • AMP site do’s and don’ts
  • When not on course (Paddock, Grid, off course) - 5 mph at all times (until you rejoin course)
  • No Nitrous, drones or guns on site
  • No drugs or alcohol on site
  • Use of cameras/smart phone in car must be approved by Tech (passengers cannot hold)
  • Pick up your trash – let’s keep the site cleaner than when you got here
  • If your car leaks fluid see the event chair for how you need to clean it up
  • If you have an EZ up, secure it well, they have and will take off, any damage is your responsibility
  • Bring and use jack stands if you plan to jack your car up. We have them if you need them
  • Hope to see everyone there!!

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