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  2. First time (hopefully) novice who wants to join my friend for some team driving this weekend, but I don’t have a helmet. Are the loaner helmets he told me about using in the past still available for this weekend’s event? Mike
  3. Are these still available?
  4. Yesterday
  5. https://veitchcreative.smugmug.com/Car-Racing/SCCA-Solo-Batch-Two/
  6. Link to both sets of images. "Batch Two" has the extra 300+ images
  7. Looks like my new program didnt process a full memory card..Im on it now and will upload as "Batch Two" asap
  8. Definitely a good course. Clearly designed for a Tesla without a 2nd gear rev limit…
  9. Can't thank you enough! I'm an amateur car photographer myself and always take action shots of my friend's cars, but no ones ever taken any of my GTO. Now I finally have some pics with the new wing! Also, I'm from Spokane myself. Cool to see more mossbacks!
  10. Great pictures Phil! Thank you for coming out.
  11. Great shots Phil! Thanks for coming out and sharing the pics you took. I'm sure the weather will be much nicer at our October event!!
  12. My son and I had a great time on Sunday being back at the track, we are not used to this heat yet (WA is a little on the cooler side) but we managed to stick it out until the end of the day. This was my first time shooting autocross and I must admit I'm not used to all those cones! I agreed to give one free image to competitors so if you can give me your car details etc I will get a free image to you. The rest are up on my site and are available to purchase if you so wish. I hope to be back out again for the next round..fingers crossed. https://veitchcreative.smugmug.com/Car-Racing/SCCA-Solo/ I can also produce 19"x13" high quality prints if anyone is interested....Thanks!!
  13. Last week
  14. I have sorted through most of the images from Yesterday, I have a few more to edit then I will get them uploaded...here is a sample
  15. Phil will post here on the forum once he has them edited and ready.
  16. I understand in the afternoon session, someone was taking photographs. Can someone provide a link to the photos? Thanks
  17. Yeah, I liked it as well. When the light nimble cars run pretty similar times as the heavy high horsepower cars, you know it's a well designed course.
  18. Smooth, easy to see and follow, not too technical. Lots to like. This one’s a “keeper”.😎
  19. Apparently I should have replaced my tie rod ends before the series opener...
  20. The 52.728 under my name is Mat Leon's. I should only have 2 timed runs, both in the 54s... I broke on my 2nd run and took my third in Mats car not long after his 3rd run...then I didn't take any more.
  21. The Corvair got zero upgrades. However, the little spindly front bearings wore out again after only 2 years of use and actually spun in the hub. So I switched to US-made Timken bearings with Sta-Lube high temp grease (and a replacement hub of course). Evidently these are the preferred parts and materials for autocross abuse on old cars.
  22. Results from the 09/19/2021 event have been posted to the results page. Please post any corrections or questions here.
  23. Awesome course, Nick! Fast and technical, but somehow hardly any cone hits.
  24. I had to reschedule the purchase so it won’t make an appearance until next month.
  25. Trying some better tires on the S10 this year, Bridgestone RE-71R instead of the Federal RS-RR I ran last year. Will see if they make up for my lack of skill and horsepower.
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