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  1. So I discovered that one of my rear shocks is blown on my Miata, is there anyone who has an open seat in the afternoon tomorrow?
  2. It has not been posted yet. Reg will probably be run this afternoon, since it just closed last night.
  3. Registration opens tonight at 8pm! Motorsports Reg: http://msreg.com/az2020fall4Speedwaiver: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/ckoljAmp Waiver: See Lance's post below Event Detail: As similar to our last several events, the same covid restrictions will be in place. Masks will be required, except while driving. If you don't bring a mask, you won't be able to participate. Only pre-registered drivers will be allowed on site. This means no spectators or guests! There will be no onsite registration for this event. A and B groups will run in the morning, C and D will run in the afternoon. If you are in C or D group, you can not show up on site till noon. You will be turned away if you show up before then. Gate open at 7am for morning run groups. We will not be providing loaner helmets, you must bring your own Snell approved helmet with a 2005 or newer rating. Water will not be provided on site, so please plan accordingly to bring your own. There will be no food vendors on site, so please plan accordingly Special processes will be in place for waiver. Check the forums at forums.azsolo.com for additional instructions. If your car does not have a sound sticker already, you MUST register in either A or B group, there will be no sound tests in the afternoon. Instructors will not be available at this event. Hope to see everyone there!
  4. Most likely will be another test and tune day. Or possibly will be a special two day event, we'll see what we can come up with...
  5. You'll run in A group and work in B group, so you'll cover waiver during that run group.
  6. Hey Steve, I can probably take care of that for you... I'll have to check who's in 2 to make sure they don't have a co driver as well.
  7. Here is the run/work assignments for 11/14 RunGroup RunNumber FirstName LastName WorkPosition A 1 Sid Elorde Admin A 2 Craig Borger Admin A 3 Doug Rowse Admin A 4 Seancarlo Newman Timing A 5 Jorge Rios Course A 6 John Harvell Course A 7 Adrian Gonzalez Course A 8 Janet Debelak Tyburec Course A 9 Ramsey Crenshaw Announcer A 10 David Harsay Observer A 11 Jared Tyburec Course A 12 Xiana Crenshaw Timing A 13 Brian Ridenour Course A 14 Brian Miller Admin A 15 Nick Sloan Admin A 16 Harley Hurt Grid A 17 Greg Klick Observer A 18 Scott Urich Grid A 19 Michael McNulty Admin A 20 Sean Bubeck Grid A 21 Tristan Costa Course A 22 John Hogan Starter A 23 Hiro Hikichi Course A 24 Brent McCune Course A 25 Schad Natay Course A 26 Dawson Hay Course A 27 Daniel Vogel Course A 28 Tom Boardman Starter A 29 Morgan Rice Scoreboard B 1 Brian Peters Admin B 2 Blayne Rios Course B 3 James Wolter Course B 4 Steve Eymann Observer B 5 Andy Pearlman Course B 6 Bruce Benaglio Course B 7 Kenneth Mitchell Observer B 8 Juan Leal Jr Course B 9 Ric Grassmick Observer B 10 Travis Williams Course B 11 Debra Eymann Scoreboard B 12 John Prieve Course B 13 Brian Prieve Course B 14 Leeann Yacuel Course B 15 Bruce Hanson Observer B 16 Tyler Talcott Course B 17 Jay Balducci Observer B 18 Aubry Herrell Course B 19 Jason Sudol Course B 20 Jason Bucki Timing B 21 Morgan Lee Grid B 22 Tim Sartirana Course B 23 Thomas Guerra Timing B 24 Dave Young Observer B 25 Scot Spiewak Scoreboard B 26 Matthew McNulty Admin B 27 Bob Gawlik Grid B 28 Sandra Adams Observer B 29 Todd Anderson Observer
  8. Here are the run groups and work assignments for 11/15. RunGroup RunNumber FirstName LastName WorkPosition A 1 Sid Elorde Admin A 2 Craig Borger Admin A 3 Shawn Warner Admin A 4 Richard Kohn Admin A 5 Faith Hare Admin A 6 Chris Steele Admin A 7 Seancarlo Newman Timing A 8 John Harvell Course A 9 Janet Debelak Tyburec Course A 10 Ramsey Crenshaw Announcer A 11 Jared Tyburec Course A 12 Samuel Glantz Timing A 13 Brian Ridenour Course A 14 Jeremiah Meyers Course A 15 Morgan Lee Grid A 16 Vrouyr Manoukian Course A 17 Brian Jackson Course A 18 Gabriel Ramirez Course A 19 Evan Kirkbride Observer A 20 Sean Bubeck Course A 21 Martin Brennan Course A 22 Harley Hurt Waiver A 23 Scott Urich Course A 24 Chris Vos Course A 25 Alex Pankau Timing A 26 Savannah Manoukian Starter A 27 Klayton Albers Course A 28 Sandra Adams Observer A 29 Elena Adams Course A 30 Marchell Fletcher Observer B 1 Mathew Leon Admin B 2 Doug Rowse Admin B 3 Lance Hamilton Admin B 4 Andy Pearlman Course B 5 Brian Peters Admin B 6 James Wolter Course B 7 Erik Gagnon Course B 8 John Prieve Course B 9 Chris Hall Course B 10 Bruce Benaglio Course B 11 Harry Berzes Course B 12 Kenneth Mitchell Observer B 13 Todd Hare Admin B 14 Kevin Raub Course B 15 Julie A Woodbury Observer B 16 Adrian Gonzalez Course B 17 Juan Leal Jr Course B 18 Amanda Hitt Course B 19 Ric Grassmick Observer B 20 Travis Williams Course B 21 Brian Prieve Course B 22 Jeff D Woodbury Course B 23 Leeann Yacuel Course B 24 Michael Carletto Waiver B 25 Charles Frumerie Timing B 26 Scott Jones Timing B 27 Jay Balducci Announcer B 28 Edmundo Cruz Grid B 29 Michael Hitt Starter B 30 Josh Johnston Admin C 1 Benjamin Zukowski Admin C 2 Blayne Rios Course C 3 Steve Eymann Observer C 4 Bruce Hanson Observer C 5 Matthew Underhill Timing C 6 Tyler Talcott Course C 7 James Harnish Grid C 8 Mark Scroggs Course C 9 Jason Bucki Timing C 10 William Pribil Course C 11 Ron Bistrais Starter C 12 Brian Miller Admin C 13 Kevin Venisnik Admin C 14 Debra Eymann Scoreboard C 15 Dave Bahl Course C 16 Chris Groppi Solo Safety Steward C 17 Nick Sloan Admin C 18 Scot Spiewak Course C 19 Greg Klick Observer C 20 Michael McNulty Admin C 21 Bob Gawlik Course C 22 Sawyer Judd Course C 23 Tim Bergstrom Admin C 24 Jacob Gersztyn Course C 25 James Ray Course C 26 Tim Barron Course C 27 Scott Phillips Announcer C 28 Xiana Crenshaw Waiver D 1 Frank Vessell Observer D 2 David Harsay Observer D 3 Kim Kemper Solo Safety Steward D 4 Jason Sudol Course D 5 Jim Enriquez Starter D 6 Eric Thran Course D 7 Ryan Harwell Course D 8 James Frink Announcer D 9 Dennis Riehle Admin D 10 Thomas Guerra Timing D 11 Dave Young Observer D 12 Matthew McNulty Admin D 13 Keith Crouse Course D 14 Jennifer Evans Course D 15 Todd Anderson Course D 16 Anastasia Thran Course D 17 Tristan Costa Course D 18 Tom Boardman Grid D 19 Michael Terrey Course D 20 John Speacht Course D 21 Kei Josephson Course D 22 Dustin Schertz Course D 23 Nathan Zerkle Course D 24 Brent McCune Course D 25 Schad Natay Course D 26 Carl Wagers Course D 27 Tim Estes Course D 28 Johnna McCune Timing D 29 Dawson Hay Waiver
  9. The latest edition of the Pylon Press is available! Be sure to check it out! http://www.azsolo.com/backup/pylon_press/pp2020-07.pdf
  10. Waiver info has been updated, the amp waivers for saturday and sunday are both attached to the first post now
  11. Correct, same speed waiver will be good for both days. You will need an amp waiver for each day though, I should have those posted tonight.
  12. I'll need you to come out in the morning for sound test then. If you could be on site by 8am or a little before, we'll have to run your car through tech quickly and we'll get you out for sound.
  13. If a spot opens up and someone gets pulled from the wait list, I will notify them so that they are aware they were assigned a spot.
  14. Sometime before the 14th? My best guess at this point... I'm getting there...
  15. Correct, we are only allowing registered drivers on sure for this event, no guests or spectators.
  16. A and b are full, I've assigned people to open spots at this point. So I believe she got put into d.
  17. So an update, there are only 6 spots left for the test and tune! If you were thinking about getting a spot on Saturday, spots are filling up fast!
  18. It'll be a similar schedule to our normal event, gates open at 6:30, we'll shoot for first car out at 8:30
  19. Sorry, changes were turned off, I kicked it back on so you should be able to make changes to your entry now.
  20. That's usually how the course is designed, but it'll ultimately be up to Nick when he designs the course.
  21. That would be the plan! First car out at 8:30am
  22. Motorsports Reg: msreg.com/az2020fall3 Speedwaiver: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/cvixo Amp Waiver: Attached to this post, see below So our next event is coming up pretty quick, this will be a bit different than our normal events in that it is a 2 day event. You can register for one day or both, it's not required to do both. The first day, November 14th, will be a test and tune event. We're capping this at 60 entries total, 2 run groups of 30 cars. You'll get a chance to drive in the morning and in the afternoon. The cost will be $55, which includes lunch. Lunch is a hot dog, chips, and a drink. Expect lots of run! The second day, November 15th, will be the 3rd event of our fall series. It will run the same as our last event, with a morning and an afternoon session. If anything changes between now and then in regards to covid situation we will make updates, but plan on it being the same as what we've been doing lately. For registration, there is only a single event in Motorsports reg for both days, and there will be options for each day. Select the days you'd like to attend, and that's all there is to it! If you need a weekend membership, you'll only have to pay for that once for the entire weekend. AMP 11-14 Waiver.pdf AMP 11-15 Waiver.pdf
  23. I know this is kind of last minute, but we are in need of some assistance for morning waiver this morning. If you can help, please come out a bit early and let us know. Thanks!
  24. That should be fine, the go pro mounts are usually pretty secure. Just remember to have the camera mounted when you go through tech, they will have the final say on if it's secure enough.
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