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  1. A reminder, the AMP waiver is attached on this thread!
  2. Yes, it is attached to the event info thread for the event on the 17th
  3. It will be registration like normal events. Usually we keep reg numbers low for events like these... we're working out the details of the event currently, we should have something to post on it soon.
  4. Correct, if you fail sound your entry fee will be refunded. The c3 is hard to say, it depends on how good the mufflers are. We'd have to judge it the day of the event.
  5. We're still waiting to hear the status of sound tests for this event. We have had another c8 run without issues (that I know of), so I imagine it would be ok, we may have you come in the morning for just sound and then you would have to come back for your afternoon session. I'll pay updates on sound tests for this month when I get them.
  6. We did get the scales functional again, so we will probably bring them out for that event. Can't make any promises, but we will do our best to have them there.
  7. So we aren't going to be running a driver's school this year. Instead, it will be a test and tune day. Well be making some announcements about it soon, and if they relax restrictions, we should have some instructors annular that day if you'd like some help. But that one is a bit out of our hands at this point...
  8. If you go into MSR, you'll see Saturday's event under my events. Once in there, you can click on update/change registration and it will show you the run group you are currently assigned to.
  9. As an update, I show 22 slots left open. I've moved everyone off of the waitlist and assigned to an open run group.
  10. Hi Kevin, thanks for the offer but I have the morning session covered already. I need someone to cover the afternoon. Thanks again for offering!
  11. I have no idea what's going on in msr tonight.... reg is opened back up....
  12. It looks like I already moved you to A group...
  13. You can edit your own registration and change you run group. If you were put on a wait list, you've been placed into a run group, some people got moved from b to a, but there is still room in b at this point.
  14. If it's such a problem, you guys can run this going forward then. Holy shit....
  15. There was some hiccups on registrations.... I've fixed a few things, and if you were put on a wait list, you should be off it now. Still waiting for things to clear up... we had a couple people that managed to sign up for more than one run spot, msr kinda freaked out on us... it showed 87 people registered in b
  16. So not going too much into detail, there were a limited number of helmets available for the group buy, so we only ordered what was needed for the club. I wish we could've opened it up for everyone, but the limited numbers thing kind of killed it.
  17. At least 10 years, probably good for 15
  18. So it sounds like the D is just a M2020 rating for DOT markets... it's basically the same impact rating of M2015. Looking at the helmet regulations, they do specifically list M2020D as being allowed - https://www.scca.com/downloads/48190-2020-solo-helmet-certification-labels-2019-11-08/download
  19. Thanks to Brian for the work on this! http://www.azsolo.com/backup/pylon_press/pp2020-06.pdf
  20. SCCA regulations say that we have to follow local ordinances in this, so until Arizona/Maricopa county lift restrictions we'll be following the 50 person limit. I know it sucks, but I think the compromises we've put in place have allowed events to still function at an acceptable level.
  21. Registration opens this Friday, October 2nd, at 8pm. We are going to be under the same restrictions as the last event. A few changes though, we are going to move the morning schedule up by 30 minutes, so gates will open at 6:30am, registration and tech open at 6:45am and will close around 7:45am. We're shooting for first car out by 8:30am. The afternoon schedule will stay the same as the last event, afternoon drivers can be on site at noon, first car out at 1pm. Registration: msreg.com/az2020fall2 Speedwaiver: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/gyxkq AMP waiver: Attached to this post Hope to see everyone there! Waiver Blank 10.17.2020.pdf
  22. Correct, we're going to be under the same no spectator restrictions for October.
  23. Thanks Frank! I'll definitely take you up on that.
  24. We are in need of some assistance with worker check in. This is a vital job, as it helps to keep the event flowing smoothly. It does count as a work position, so you won't need to chase after cones on course. The job will be split into 2 separate positions, so if you volunteer you'll only be required to do either the morning or afternoon sessions, not both. If this is something you'd be willing to help out with, please let me know. Thanks!
  25. And another update, I found the permission to enable guests to download attachments, so that should make things easier to get at.
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