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  1. Things change on site, so work positions that are posted here are only rough guidelines. The person doing worker check in will move people around as needed, depending on who is at the event and what is needed at that time.
  2. It doesn't need to be an SA rating, it could be an M rating. There are other ratings that are acceptable besides Snell, but the Snell are the cheapest usually. An SA or M 2005 or newer is currently acceptable, at the end of the year you'll need a 2010 or newer rating.
  3. I heard back from support this morning and they did find a bug with sending text messages. They claim they fixed it, so if anyone else has this problem let me know and I'll pass it on to them again.
  4. Oh, and I figured out the ssl stuff as well, the site should default to https now for everything.
  5. I finally tracked down the signature settings, you can create signatures once again. The setting is under your account settings, or you can follow this link: http://forum.azsolo.com/index.php?/settings/signature/
  6. We are in need of some help doing worker check in for Sunday's event. If you are willing/able to help out in your session, please let me know. It will count as your work assignment for they day. Thanks!
  7. I have a message sent into support, I'd suggest trying again? Hopefully they'll get back to me soon.
  8. Yea, that is on my list of things to fix... the old site didn't use https either.
  9. So a heads up, there are only 5 spots left in d group! If you were thinking about coming out, now is the time to register!
  10. Bring it out, we'll give it a listen. If you do fail sound, we'll give you a refund of your entry fee.
  11. Technically... We're not able to do any sounds checks on the 20th. Since the motorcycle event is going on and will be making use of the track, amp will be providing provisional sound checks for this event.
  12. I think if you're logged in, you can see the entry list...
  13. Our waiver process for the Sept 20th event is going to be a little different. We are using Speedwaiver in place of the SCCA waiver. This is free to entrants and very easy to do. You can get started by going to the Speedwaiver site and punch in your phone number. Follow the link on your phone and it'll ask to take your picture and do a signature. And that's it! After you sign the waiver, you'll be provided a link that you can click on to bring up your signed waiver, which you'll show to the waiver people on site to show that you've signed the waiver. The AMP waiver is a little bit more involved. What you'll need to do is print out a copy of the attached waiver form, sign it, and hand it to the waiver people on site. Please note that you need to complete both waivers, one is for the SCCA and one is for AMP. SpeedWaiver link: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/ayfbf If you have any questions, please let us know. AMP Waiver 9-20.pdf
  14. I don't think that'll be a problem.... C is getting close to full, my guess is we'll reach capacity before registration closes.
  15. So at this point, it looks like the morning session is completely full. There are plenty of spots in the afternoon run groups though still!
  16. For those that have been put on a wait list, I've enabled it so you can edit your in registrations. This should allow you to select another run group that still has space in it. Hopefully this should help some.
  17. yea, snell and dot are 2 different ratings.... make sure you get something that has a snell rating. Get at least a m/sa2010 or higher
  18. We will be doing speed waiver, I'll be posting the info for it shortly... amp has a slightly different process as well for this month
  19. Yea, we're still waiting on the SCCA to get things together. They're supposed to let me know, last time I contacted them they still hadn't opened, but promised that they'd contact me when it opens up. So we'll see what happens....
  20. We based this on what came from the governor's office - https://azgovernor.gov/governor/news/2020/06/further-action-reverse-covid-19-spread-arizona
  21. Codrivers are fine. We're really at the mercy of when the 50 person limit is lifted. Once that goes away, we can go back to our usual events.
  22. Ohhhh, pretty! And glad the new forum software makes things easy 🙂
  23. And I'll look into the editing post thing.... you should be able to do that, I just need to tweak the permissions....
  24. Scott, there is the nifty calendar thing built in that shows up on the forum home page now, if you are willing to keep it up (at least for the non-azsolo events), I could set it up so you could create and maintain those events.
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