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  1. 4th Comp Run - 37.872. Missed recording my fastest run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U0UIjAYH2o&ab_channel=vexcivil
  2. Great vid. Always nice to see more coverage of the sport and the people in it.
  3. @Jason J There are some great shots in there! Thanks Jason and your boys!
  4. Thanks to the PASR for putting on another great event. TO Run - CSP 49.724 https://youtu.be/UzfQUxZKOgA
  5. Mark, I got mine here https://www.highdeserttrailers.com/ Just a simple wood Deck 16' trailer. Weight is 1850lbs. Not as light as the Aluminum obviously, but reasonable.
  6. Car is back in one piece. Had to miss the Crows Landing Tour but we made the Pro. Got a nice badge of honor on the side.
  7. Just like to say thank you to all the workers that helped push the car off course yesterday. Also a big thank you to Tim B., Kevin V., Ben Z. for getting the car on the Trailer safely. Thankfully no one got hurt and the car can be fixed. I got very lucky that it wasn't worse. Got video of the disaster which was pretty comical. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgJc0m1TTJA&ab_channel=vexcivil
  8. Bump! This is a steal for an STR car. Super easy to drive and fast.
  9. CSP - Comp Run https://youtu.be/uTQMPt0bZwI
  10. CSP TO Run https://youtu.be/Sil9DOaT8ik Course was fun. Looking forward to trying it backwards tomorrow
  11. I'll be going to the Pro and the Tour. Staying at Motel 6 on the North end of the Race track. Stayed at the HolidayInn Express close to site last year and it was good as a hotel but the area was questionable.
  12. Sorry to see the car like this TJ. Unfortunately don't know of anyone to help. Really glad you're okay though.
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