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  1. stephen king runs a nice light weight wheel. May want to hit him up to see which wheel he uses.
  2. How expensive do you want to go? SSR's and TE37's lightest and most expensive wheels available.
  3. I have a set of 15x7 RPF01's I will not probably be using. Like new, don't think I ever used them.
  4. yea, I knew there was a reason for taking a break for the next year or so.
  5. Thanks on this. I did pick up a set of SSR's 15 x 6 just last week. I should end this posting.
  6. This was a nice course, fast courses add nice fun factor for driving. That said, I would suggest not so many flat out sections going forward. Throw in a little tech with speed so that those with lesser hp cars can be in the mix.
  7. Anyone going to the cal club event on 12/11&12, that would have room to transport 4 15" wheels back to AZ? Jim Harnish
  8. I agree with you Scott. It was a course that had some low speed digs, and was difficult to find a line that allowed some speed maintenance. Finally found a line that allowed some early throttle, and added some pressure that resulted in better time. Glad we had 5 runs to allow us old guys to get up to speed.
  9. For what car? bolt pattern, offset? I have a set of Enkie RPF01 15x7 4 x 100
  10. Wheels are for my sons ES Miata, so I'm still good with my CRX homies.
  11. Looking for some lightweight wheels for a 2000 Miata. 15x6" Looking for some SSR's or Volk"s. Long shot for sure but have to try.
  12. Scott; I feel you might be correct with forthcoming Government regulations on the speed issue. All we need is to have some street racers in these beast hitting 100mph in 1 street block, then wrecking into some old man in his Prius. A couple of those would get all kinds of headlines, and then some Politician would blame Musk and all the left wingers for unleashing these street killing machines. Of course that would all be backed by the Koch brothers and big oil to again try to kill the EV. Until that day, which site do I go to order a new Plaid?
  13. Chuck, your are 100% correct on the hot rod issue. Just because you can afford a Tesla doesn't mean you can deal with all the speed the car generate. These cars are now able to beat full on drag cars, and to have some 20 year old you tuber buy one to impress all their followers by scaring the crap out of everyone, is scary. I remember the 60's when big block cars were a handful, and they were 12 second cars on skinny tires. Now we have 9 second street cars. Interesting times for sure.
  14. The top 1/4 mile time for a Tesla Plaid is 9.08 @ 154mph. These cars are heavy and only the Model 3's have made an impact in Solo. But yes, no easy way to class the EV's in ICE stock classes. But EV's look to be the future and SCCA and other racing venues need to find a way deal with them. And about may not be as green as assumed, compared to ICE, EV's are very Green. I charge my M3 at home for free, which has solar panels. Granted manufacturing of the batteries with the rare earth elements, create some un Green issues, but everything we manufacture creates un Green issues. Lithium batteries disposal companies are few at this time, and will be a big challenge, when replacements or disposals start to become needed. But the Lithium batteries in these cars are lasting 10+ years, so the lifespan compared to lead-acid is far greater. Great opportunity for an upcoming needed service. Lithium as a pharmaceutical, not widely used or accepted. Besides those batteries are hard to swallow. I'm sold on EV's, sure they don't sound cool, but that instant torque is addicting.
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