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  1. Was my assumption too, gates open for afternoon session at noon, if I remember correctly the reason for the split schedule was to reduce crowding given COVID. But I can post next time and ask if the change is intentional. My name is Bruce Benaglio, white BMW 328i coupe.
  2. I am driving in group D. My email from MSR shows me working course for group C, but this email shows me working for group B. Are we not doing the split A/B morning C/D afternoon groups again??
  3. I’ve attended a few SCCA solo events at AMP, and in trying to get more seat time I’m considering doing a Porsche club solo event. I’m unable to go watch a PCA event because of COVID restrictions, so I would like to know how the Porsche club solo events at AMP compare to SCCA solo events? My understanding is that you run your laps all at once. I am curious about how many laps you get, how their courses compare to SCCA courses, and whether they provide a course map prior to events.
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