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  1. Boy you guys are quick with the editing and posting... Anyways here is my best clean run of a 44.403. After watching the video, there are definitely some place that I'm either pinching off a corner, or hesitating too much. The pinching off a corner, or 3 in my case, was the obvious time loss.
  2. Tom, I’ll be the one doing worker check in tomorrow for the afternoon group. I’m assuming your running in spot D25, and I can completely empathize with your concern. We can definitely accommodate your concern.
  3. Okay boys I’m back! Just kidding but I’ll throw my opinion into the stock pot. The 2021 Mazda 3 Turbo will probably be a DS car, though it appears that it will be a little bit of an underdog. Yes it has more torque than the WRX, but it’s also on 1” narrower wheels (7” vs 8”). It is also only an automatic with an even heavier front weight bias than the WRX. It is possible that because of these 3 factors (tire width, automatic, really front heavy) that it really might be a GS car. Think back to the pre-STH class, with what was allowed in STX. The 2wd cars could run 265 width tires while the AWD/
  4. If anyone has any questions about specific things that I have posted above, quote this post and I can get into them a little more. At least until I run out of information....
  5. So I got a little busy and couldn't get back around to this topic, and now there are even more people chiming in. It is a good thing that more people are chiming in, but I fear that some of my intent may get a little lost, so bear with me here. As Sid was the only one that posted 2 thing that he would want to work on after reviewing his own video/memory, I'm going to expand from that quote as well as drag a few others in. Lance and Mat, you will be referenced here well... Okay, here we go........ So the fundamental reason why I had said to pick two things that you noticed about
  6. This is a question more focused to Sid and Scott, just because they are the FWD boys here so far. We can come back to the RWD gang soon, but a lot will apply to everyone. Just because this is a fun and never ending story, plus it's a good thread for others to look at and learn from. For both Sid and Scott, as well as other that want to jump in a little, when you review your videos (all of them) can you see where there was time that you lost? Now, after seeing your own video, can you recall more about those particular sections on those particular runs? Now for the participation points
  7. Michael, so my opinion is that you should register for ‘Open’ rather than ‘Novice.’ Now a little as to why I say that. There are a lot of novices that have never even been down a canyon road with even a little bit of speed, so it’s a catch-all blanket. Normally with a novice driver we aren’t coaching per say, we are just making sure that they don’t get lost or turned around for the most part. After it’s obvious they know where they are going, that’s usually when your back on your own. With COVID, the no passengers/instructors jumping from car to car would be my guess as to the no novice enforc
  8. So there are a few tips that I have heard that seem to help me the most. Slow in, fast out. This is from a podcast from http://autocrosstalk.com/ with Brian, mostly. You can loose a lot more time overdriving into a corner than you can ever gain back. You want to be able to play with the gas by the "apex" of the corner. This will also help establish the line that you wanted to take for the course as well rather than saying oh crap and essentially leaving a section un-tested. Distance is usually your enemy. Patience can be a useful ally. This goes with cutting distance. If you
  9. Here is my 4th run. For both Lance and Sid, I think you where a little late through the slalom, as in not back siding the cones enough. This in the first event where it clicked regarding back siding the slalom cones. I think that I back sided them a little too much to be fast, but that was my intention to break a bad habit. As for some time deltas for this run vs Brian. Now these are rough times through video editing, but are useful enough. Start to first cone into left sweeper, 0:09 in video, I am 0.5sec behind so far. Power is my best guess here. Through the swe
  10. Lance, this is more for you than anyone else that has posted yet. It's great that this topic of "how can I get better" has come up and it seems that some people are willing to take advise. My quest of getting better has been through most of this year and it's actually a tricky thing to learn where time is being lost. I am no means a Brian or a Doug, but fell that I am a decent driver, so that's my disclaimer. Now here is the big question. How serious do you really want to take the art of cone kung fu? I would stew on it for a little while because it's not an easy thing to just know where
  11. Well my $0.02 is basically you want to keep the sun off of them for sure. The other thing that I found when I was road racing motorcycles was to have the tire gain temperature or loose temperature slowly. So after a race or practice session was done, we would put our tire warmers back on, but unplugged. This helped keep the tires flexible over their usable life. So I would get some cheap moving blankets, think Harbor Freight, and wrap/secure them around the wheels and tires snuggly.
  12. I'm not sure why everyone is showing up twice in the entry list. There are only 38 people that are listed, and I am not doing the T&T, but I'm there twice. Although those 38 people were definitely hanging out online ready to get those concert tickets...
  13. Dave, do you have an idea as to the course layout of if it’s going to be a few separate small course elements.
  14. Dave, I just had a quick question about the "expect lots of runs." How many runs would you expect? I am also assuming that the course layout will be a normal AMP layout/length.
  15. So there is a section called "Rollover Potential Guidelines" in the SCCA Solo rule book. It states that there need to be a 1:1 relationship between the "track width" and the "overall height." That track width is the important part here. The listed track widths are 60.9" front and 59.7" rear, which averages out to 60.3". The listed height is 59.6", so I think you are okay, but barely, like 0.7" barely. Alas it wouldn't be my call as to if it would be okay to run or not. Now for classing, that's easy. The AllTrack either has 17x7" or 18x7.5" wheels, 168hp, 199lb-ft, and 3,350lb. HS a
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