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  1. Course required heavy patience and despite 5 runs all within a tenth, I wasn't able to get it all connected just right. https://youtu.be/SeQ2rtNsTf8
  2. That was hard today on Pilot Sport 4S's. Thanks Nick for putting in the continued hard work on course designs, good balance. Can't wait to get stickier shoes under this thing.
  3. Thanks Scott, Dave is scheduled for next week.
  4. Need some PDR work addressed, does anyone have mobile recommendations? Located in west valley, near AMP. Thanks!
  5. 15x8, 35mm offset, 4x100, lightweight 12.1 lbs, 225/45-15 Rival S tires (plenty of tread, late 17 date codes) Wheels have some scuffs, but aren't bent. Perfect for track use. $400 Located 1 mile from AMP, can deliver to an event. 602-292-3125
  6. Pretty lame when the loudest thing is the seat making random noises. 😢
  7. While the car shows some solid potential for future pace, it appears the videos will forever disappoint, lol. Fun course, thanks to all the volunteers that helped make today happen.
  8. No data, but here's the far from perfect run I sat on. It was a challenging course that required aggression in placement/direction changes and lots of patience to not add distance. Aggressive braking to maximize front grip definitely helped shorten turns and Lance, I'd suspect that's where CAM and older non-ABS cars lost some time. Dennis being the exception with an impressive time.
  9. Have a pair of 305-19 Rivals for sale. Purchased new from Tire Rack a few months ago, they have less than ten 30-second autocross runs on them. Can bring them to the 11/14-15 AMP event $450 obo
  10. Let me know if you still need assistance for the AM groups.
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