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  1. Thanks to all for the constructive discussion. Agree with intentional baby steps back to normal, with the possibility to end up with improvements. We are lucky that our hobby is an outdoor activity which is inherently less risky than other activities.
  2. 2003 350Z Track Edition w/ Brembos, lightweight Rays wheels, extra lateral support in driver seat, and VLSD. Has most (if not all) of the factory options and is very comfortable and fun on the street. I have enjoyed driving this car to work a day or two per week. It is in extremely good condition with respect to maintenance and appearance and will require little to no immediate attention by the next owner. I had the car fully repainted in 2013 and it's rarely been exposed to the sun outside of autox events. I have autocrossed this car for 9 years, with 5 of those years in
  3. Posting mine for an even greater appreciation of the skill above. Same car, same tires. This is what happens when focused on the equipment (new car) rather than what's ahead: https://youtu.be/lk33yCrKC1M
  4. Same. Have had good oil reports at 1-year intervals which includes about 40 AutoX runs and 3-4k miles.
  5. I know it's not an autocross car, but after 15 years, the time has come to find a new home for our extremely clean E46 with low miles. The current plan is to post on an auction site, but we are checking with friends, family, local car enthusiasts first. Due to the auction potential, I need to keep the public details limited, but if you or someone you know is even remotely interested, just PM me for details/contact info. Based on current market trends, this should go north of 20k, but for the right buyer we would be willing to sacrifice getting top dollar.
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