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  1. LOL, yes it can. It needs a little more power down low. I believe it can still go faster as is if I was a better driver. 🤷‍♂️ You had a great run though, nice and smooth!
  2. Here's my best run, 47.525. I had a bit of trouble and didn't really notice until after I watched the runs, it seems that I was carrying a bit to much speed into the corners.
  3. That's a major bummer and hit to the wallet. Excellent tips and see you next season! 👍
  4. I was really enjoying this course!
  5. Here's my best clean run, 42.914.
  6. Great article, thank you Brian!
  7. Great course, I had a ton of fun! Here's my best run.
  8. Very nice! Will there be any stickers made?
  9. Thank you. I thought I had seen that before but was not able to locate it. I just found it, for the benefit of others, you can find the link by going to the billing section and then select the invite of the event to be attended.
  10. That worked, thanks! How is it generated?
  11. I'm trying to find the Speed Waiver link for the Jan. event so that I can send it to my guests. However, when I go to https://phxsoloregion.speedwaiver.com/ I get a message saying no events found. Am I going to the proper link? Thanks!
  12. For the next event, I think it would be great if I can have someone sit with me during a run and provide some feedback on where I can improve.
  13. I spoke to the EVO school this past week. They are planning on coming to AZ (Marana) in early 2022. They said they hope to have the exact date by late Jan.
  14. Here is my best run, 52.036. Still need more seat time.
  15. Nick, this was a great layout. It's been my favorite one so far since I started last year. They just keep getting better and better everytime!
  16. Just an FYI, rear seat removal is allowed in Street Modified. 16.1.J. Rear passenger seat(s), including restraints and associated hardware may be removed. When rear seats are removed, the back of the front seats defines the end of the passenger compartment.
  17. Done. My renewal is coming up next month and Phoenix AZ Solo should be reflecting once i renew.
  18. I really enjoyed this course, however it totally kicked my butt. Looking back, I was really over driving the course. I'm having a bit of a difficult time identifying whether I really need to brake or just let off the throttle on certain parts. As well as when to start braking a little earlier when needed.
  19. They're for my Dodge Neon. It's a 5x100 bolt pattern.
  20. This is a long shot, but if anyone has a set, PM me please. Jorge
  21. I've done neither, however I'm happy to help. I plan to attend all events for 2021. Jorge
  22. I agree with Lance. The layout of this course was spot on and had something to offer for every platform. More of this!
  23. Great pictures Phil! Thank you for coming out.
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