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  1. Bummer. I guess I'll see you next March. Thanks tho'.
  2. Is there any chance to get some Saturday dates? There have been none this year.
  3. I am a complete novice with respect to autocrossing. I have seen what you guys do, and it looks fun! I have made an attempt to build an old muscle car into an autocrosser, and would like to have the car inspected now, so that I have time to correct any issues before a race day. I would of course bring the car to the inspector. Could someone put me in touch with an inspector?
  4. I am a a complete novice at auto-crossing, but have seen what you guys do, and it looks like fun. So...I built an old muscle car into what I think could be a decent auto-crosser. I would like to have it teched now, so that I can correct any issues prior to race day. Could someone connect me with an inspector?
  5. Thanks. By that definition I am a novice. See you guys next time...(you have a Saturday event)
  6. Hey guys, no help on the novice question?
  7. Dumb question: what is the Border Region SCCA's definition of "novice"? Thank you.
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