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  1. Thanks. I'll just wait for our local store.👍
  2. Kim, so our Goodie Store will not be done locally, it’s been farmed out to an SCCA National vendor? OK, been playing with this for twenty minutes, and gotten nowhere. I did find it seems you can forget the SCCA Website and just go to the "sccagear.com" directly. Then it appears you need to set up an account, that seems to be unrelated to any SCCA Member account? Like a separate account for Merchandise? I get to this, and it says to "Sign In"? Kim's above says "My Account", like he's already signed in? Help?
  3. I studied this in great detail, and I am very sure you need to raise the adjuster one more notch……..👍 You were warned.🤪
  4. And this is different from before how?😂
  5. Please don’t forget that many of us need to wear long sleeve t-shirts when outside these days, despite the heat.👍😎 Best sunscreen there is. I’d skip black……🙏
  6. Someone backed into Glenda’s CX-3 in a parking lot. Complicated repair. Perfect results. Reasonable, this guy is a Pro, attends yearly workshops to stay current in the trade.
  7. Be sure to get the correct Snell rated Helmet mandated by SCCA. Were you aware?
  8. Mark, recall if you don’t use it, you lose it. Afraid you’ve experienced some backsliding……🤣😂
  9. Ooh, ooh, finally new window stickers and shirts and hats with this new Logo?🤠 Please? It’s time…….🎅
  10. Just never use this anymore, time to go. Bought new, used a few times, $150 obo Four eight Zero-319-1028 Cell, or PM through Forum Near 67th Ave and Greenway in Glendale
  11. Municipal Airport is still tentative at this time, pending completion of construction project. Fingers crossed.
  12. I'm not sure that's the form we use, is it Lance?
  13. Hey, so I cleared my cookies, signed out of my Account, and turned the computer off and restarted. One or more of those things worked. Seems to be back in action. Leaves me clueless.......but what else is new?😂 Over and out.
  14. Hey, only on my Desktop computer, and not on my mobile devices, I'm getting this certificate issue notice. Apparently the "secure" aspect has gone awry? What's up? Forums and the rest (results) all work fine. This happens on both Safari and Firefox browsers. Please share.
  15. These are just out. Some classes need to drive faster next season, some were reduced some. A few stayed the same.😎 How about your class? 🤔 Classes hit with a BIG "gift" of four or more bonus hundredths (they have to drive a bunch faster) were 😳 : SS - 7/BS - 4/HS - 4😳/CAM-S - 4/XS-A - 5/EV - 9/SMF - 4/SM - 7/SSM - 8
  16. Very nice and useful. Thank you. Bookmarked. In fact Admin, please considering pinning this in the Forums. Might save Bucki a lot of extra work.😉
  17. Guys, please add a signature line to your account, or make your Forum name your real name. We like to get to know people, and I will NEVER call anyone "Awesome".😉 Thanks.
  18. Lance and Matthew, thank you thank you thank you for posting these more detailed run/work lists. It is very interesting as well as useful to have this information. It was always done years ago, and has been sorely missed. Also folks, ——-> be aware you can “copy/paste” this information and turn it into a sortable spreadsheet should you want that information for your records. I’m going to use these to create a small results table for my comparisons. The current real results won’t allow that…. yet. See everyone tomorrow.😎👍
  19. Move along, nothing to see here. 😵‍💫
  20. 5 x 114.3" / 5 x 4.5" pattern from Toyota, but fits many cars with that pattern. Factory Toyota Wheels, excellent condition. Price reduced. 60.1" center bore, 45mm offset, RWD Has center cars and lug nuts Text me at four eight zero-319-1028 for questions, offers. Near 67th Ave and Greenway, Glendale AZ.
  21. I for one would like to see the Club schedule another “special event” or even an event from our Series at either the AMP short track or the ex-Bondurant School road course. To my knowledge they were popular, and a nice change of pace from our norm. Please? 😎👍👏
  22. So….. how accessible is this for Clubs? Anyone know anyone?😎
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