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  1. Worth about .4 seconds slower I'm told by others.........😉
  2. OK Guys, here you go. I corrected Worker Stations #1 and #6 for you............better now?😂🤣😇
  3. Kim, thank you. Again, I would only do this if quick and easy for Faith and the Waiver station…. Picture for Ken about the 1830 OKLAHOMA Land Rush….. I was there, apparently he was not. 😂
  4. For those of us who travel to Sierra Vista and Tucson events, the SCCA Annual Waivers are accepted there. Ken, so per your timeline, all SCCA Annual Waivers can only be done after January 1st of each year? I’m envisioning something like the Oklahoma Land Rush scenario of the 1830’s…….🤕
  5. My SCCA Annual Membership/Waiver card has my picture, and as Kim stated is good through the end of each year. But, my picture is on the front of the membership card, and the waiver date is on the back of the membership card. So therefore, it appears the membership card is in fact the SCCA Waiver card too. There is no second separate Waiver Card. So if we flash our membership card, then the back showing the waiver info, that would be the same as flashing the Speedwaiver picture? Right? Would take no extra time. If Lance and Faith would prefer we just do the Speedwaiver, not a big deal. Seems contradictory to have SCCA offer the Yearly waiver if the preferred Speedwaiver system can't integrate it. Whatever our Club needs to make the workers jobs easiest.
  6. Kim, do we need to delay doing this until after the first of the 2023 year? Or if we do this now, will it automatically extend through all of next year, or only until this date next year? Thanks,
  7. I believe that E and F are open only to those who already have a registration in A/B/C/D. These are Time Only Groups, for a second set of runs for those needing more. Others correct me if I'm wrong, but that's how it has always been.
  8. Let’s not leave out the thrill of protesting, for the full experience.😂 Just suggesting we keep it fun and simple. 😎 For the Organizers as well as the entrants.👏
  9. Just do what Tucson did/does. Those running both days are assigned the same Groups and even perhaps numbers for both days. Simplifies logistics. Then those running just day one or day two are assigned per their requests and available room in each Group to balance numbers. I do not recall Tucson making same classes run together. I seem to recall that the scoring was done as usual, day by day, and then the two day results paired essentially just for fun. Lets keep that “just for fun” aspect first and foremost as this gets planned. To do otherwise would introduce more work and unnecessary planning to an otherwise fun two day event. My two cents……😎
  10. This is a great plan for those not needing TO’s. Able to run, work, go home. Don’t have to stay. longer. If wanting TO’s, stay longer for second run/work.👌 Thank you.
  11. Screwed up quoting Kim……🤦‍♂️ Sorry
  12. Kim, is it being planned as an actual *two day event*, or as done before, one day as a test n tune/practice day and the the second day the actual event? Also, the AMP calendar is clear both weekend dates the following week….😉😍
  13. Well, this month Phoenix and Tucson are on the same weekend, but at least one is on Saturday and one is one Sunday. A little tough, but do-able. But next month, November 20, both are on the same day. I get that calendars are not always easy to maneuver to miss each other, but I also noticed that the AMP Calendar is open on the following Sunday, November 27th. So wouldn't it be a nice gesture to help Tucson get established at their new site to perhaps move our Phoenix Event to that non-conflicting date? Then Glenda and I (and perhaps others😉) would be able to most likely attend both of them. Win, win. Please? Thank you for your consideration.
  14. Manfred and Dan, Glenda and I are curious about your run/work order plans for this site. Marana is but a distant memory at this point. With Musselman the site pretty much mandated staying the whole day, even if you didn’t do Time Onlys. Long days for travelers. So at Kino will we be able to register to run A and then work C (or vice-versa?), and then leave if we’re not doing TO’s? Similar to Phoenix? Running A and Working B even better for out-of-towners 😉😉😉. Please share your plan. Since Phoenix and Tucson are Saturday/Sunday the same weekend, decisions and plans need to be made. When you can. Thanks.
  15. Guessing not, too much drag……😉
  16. Very nice to share these, thank you. All of you other budding photographers out there, we really, really enjoy the action videos of the cornering comparisons through a challenging corner.👍
  17. +1. For those wanting more runs it becomes a choice. For those just fine with the four runs, perfect. I also enjoyed the walk-around down time between running and working, had time to put stuff away, make a few adjustments if necessary (it's ALWAYS necessary😉), talk to a few friends or even make new ones. Really enjoying returning to this format. For many running with us now, they've never experienced this before. It was always just...... run....work......go home. Better.
  18. Ken, thanks for clarifying the Tucson site. I was told otherwise. But what the heck, wouldn’t hurt to explore any possible options. We’ve used Tempe Diablo Stadium before, and there are more stadiums these days.😎 Anyone know anyone?😉
  19. Note that Tucson just scored a large new site at a local (Tucson) Casino. The Phoenix area has a number of Casinos too, might be worth the effort to try to develop a relationship with one here.😎
  20. Great. White or light-colored hats, please.
  21. My guess is that the times showing at this moment are still for Musselman. Hoping they change for the new site. 8:30 seems a little late to open gates in any case.
  22. Seriously, the Rulebook is always the best place to start. Look at Stock (but in this case you already know you’re not), then go to each of the other Categories of increasing allowed modifications. Look for a Category that does not exclude what you have added. Then search the list of cars grouped for each category. As you do this, you quickly begin to see what modifications are allowed where.
  23. Yes. I found this in the published minutes available on this site. Some discussion there. This was decided last March. Along with four timed runs for scoring, TO’s will usually have four runs too, time allowing.
  24. If some of you ever wonder where you can get this info, just research the list of events on the SCCA Solo Page: https://www.scca.com/pages/championship-tour There's the whole list. Each past event has compete results ("Official Class Results"). Pax info and more provided. And here is the actual results drawn from the this event Page: https://cdn.connectsites.net/user_files/scca/downloads/000/063/364/Full Class Results Final.pdf?1657491101 Can be fun to see what cars are winning your Class Nationally with the best drivers.
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