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  1. Rain question. Given that these courses utilize sections of a road course, i.e., narrower than a skidpad, what are the rules relative to running in the wet? Would you still run? When Phoenix ran at the CAC College mini road course, I know they did not. Wondering what your rules are. Thanks.
  2. Call Mark Shaw immediately…….”Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.00”. Otherwise you’ll go to VW Jail.🧐
  3. What? You can afford to buy gas?🤮
  4. The yellow OTS Koni Sport Shocks have produced a fair number of National Championships and trophies.😉
  5. Just sayin’…….. I usually look sites up on sitejabber……didn’t last time and now have a pending disputed billing case open at my Bank. Be very careful out there.🤨 Overview CARiD has a consumer rating of 2.8 stars from 4,501 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about CARiD most frequently mention customer service, credit card and next day problems.CARiD ranks 17th among Auto Partssites. Service 637 Value 581 Shipping 606 Returns 515 Quality 515 This company responds to reviews on average within 2 days Positive reviews (last 12 months): 2.1%
  6. So what’s next for Tim (and Britt?)🤔
  7. The Rita Road route in to Musselman seems unencumbered…… we come that way from the north. Yes?
  8. Frustrated. All of the Tucson hotels even around Cortaro have doubled their prices this weekend ($150’ish). The hotel nearest Musselman was always pricey, but it’s gone insane at $260/night.😳 Guess we’ll have to drive down that morning. Getting too old for this. Big doings in or around Tucson this weekend?🤨
  9. I agree with this assessment. At the highest levels of competition amongst those cars considered to be THE cars to have for the class, might be cause for concern. Most of us do not have that car, nor are our cars prepared to a National level. Did you spend $10,000 on your shocks, and are they double-adjustable for example? No? I’d buy a reasonably priced aftermarket cat and call it a day.👌
  10. I’d be most interested in an *autocross test*, rather than a lapping situation.
  11. About time……. Reported by Grassroots Motorsports. 38 sizes. https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/news/bridgestone-back-potenza-re-71rs-coming-soon/?utm_content=bufferb4d16&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=GRMFacebook&fbclid=IwAR3IFfLCxRqaGqPh5BQNKeHCjlqIEuOq1-J5IRrb550CbPp7GRzsspn-uVk
  12. And…… The master plan, which a quick review of the drawing will illustrate, sits directly atop the existing Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park 1/4-mile dragstrip, the neighboring Firebird Lake, the various road courses, and all associated property. The master plan, already approved by the Gila River Indian Community, is intended to include a large-scale sports and entertainment district, hotels, a wellness center, an event center, an outdoor amphitheater music entertainment venue, sports facilities, outdoor recreation and parks, restaurants, retail, and an office park. The development will also include a larger-capacity stadium for the Phoenix Rising Football Club. “This expansion furthers our vision to provide additional economic development opportunities for Wild Horse Pass, GRIC, and the Greater Metropolitan Phoenix area,” said Donald Antone, Chairman of the WHPDA Board of Directors. “The new development plan will create exceptional entertainment and lifestyle experiences, new jobs for community members, and will evolve our culture and legacy,” said David White, WHPDA General Manager. Wild Horse Pass officials are reportedly suggesting the development could take upwards of 10 years to bring to fruition, providing a little extra life for the 37-year-old Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. Reliable sources have told Dragzine that members of the tribe have openly discussed the possibility of rebuilding the track elsewhere on its expanse of protected land should the development go through. 😢😥🤦‍♂️
  13. Yeah, it’s all going away. Drag Strip, Driving School, Road Courses, everything automotive. But hey, we’re getting a Golf Course and Soccer Stadium……🤦‍♂️🤔🤨 Don’t be so negative!🤬 Here’s their master plan…….. 3F9C45C6-DB44-43F3-A052-78644DD3EFAE.webp
  14. Please class me in Sportsman, not Open.👍
  15. Suggest you try using different shoes for driving……😅😉
  16. Mike Rogers was an avid autocrosser of many years and owned his fair share of fun cars. From New Mexico, to here, to California, and then back home to us here. March 1st he succumbed to an unknown condition only discovered while being treated for a recent fall. He fully expected to heal his cracked ribs within a few months, and be back in action with us then. But fate intervened. You may have known him for his enthusiastic flogging of his current blue Civic Si in H Street, he was a student and champion of our sport, always willing to discuss technique and strategy with other old timers as well as any newbies. Previously he enjoyed driving and competing in his Miata and before that an RSX. He was a gentleman, enthusiast, and as kind and caring of an individual as one could ever meet. A real asset to our community. A clear case of life just not being fair. His wife Chris shared that should anyone care to donate to St. Vincent de Paul in his name, that would be great. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. A short memorial for all friends of Mike will be held Wednesday April 6th at 2:00pm, at the Prince of Peace Church in Sun City West……14818 W. Deer Valley Drive. Any cards could be sent to Chris Rogers, 12414 W Morning Dove Drive, Sun City West, AZ 85375-1936. Thank you all.
  17. Great. Now Stephen will be even faster!!!! Just what the rest of us needed.🙄😉 Jim Harnish be forewarned........
  18. Staff handle numbering systems…..lately on windshield with small sticker. Assuming the same for this.
  19. We like to print ours out……no phones to fumble with there.
  20. Chris, I had Glenda’s Veloster N in my MSR garage, and somehow MSR inserted that for me as my choice of cars, rather that the BRZ. I swear I didn’t do it, not sure Glenda believes me though….😉 I think you’ll have to delete your previous DS car from your garage, or it will keep doing that to you too.🤨
  21. So THAT’s what real horsepower looks like and sounds like…….. I wouldn’t know.😩
  22. Not a bad location, relative to Wild Horse Pass (I still think it’s Firebird), but even from the overhead photo surface looks rough. Definitely needs an in-person inspection for sure.
  23. So, no definitive final word has been posted about this event location. Is it the Airport, or Musselman? Inquiring minds need to know……ASAP. We have a choice deadline looming…….
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