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  1. My only regret is that we didn't get any drone footage of all the cars lined up down our streets... If anyone has any decent pics of all the cars they could share that would be awesome.
  2. Thanks Kim...was an awesome day. I think we teched 55 or 56 cars and weighed 26. Here's a time lapse I took inside the garage for most of it. Thanks to everyone for being considerate to our neighbors...and making it a great day.
  3. You should be good John, Tech can issue a provisional sound sticker if they deem it quiet enough.
  4. We are having an annual tech day at my house on Jan 7. Most of the CAM T guys will be there. You have to be an annual member with SCCA to do annual tech but you should stop by anyway to hang out with us and check our cars out. We'll show you the ropes for sure... http://msreg.com/PASRAnnualTechDay
  5. Plus, the CAM T guys are just fun to hang out with and race against... Here's a picture of Erik Gagnon's early Mustang the he races with us in CAM T. Can't wait to see your car.
  6. Yes, this event is just to help relieve the crush of 100 or so drivers all trying to do their annual tech during the limited 1 hour window at the January event. Plus its a chance to get together, bench race, tell some lies, eat some pizza and maybe weigh your rides...
  7. Our Phoenix AZ Solo Annual Tech Gathering will be at Lances Speed Shop on January 7, 2023 10:00 am to 2 pm if needed. We'll have the whole Tech team on site to complete your 2023 Annual Tech Approval and get your sticker that allows you to perform your own tech and skip the tech lines at each event. We will have pizza and wings provided by the club for drivers doing their annual tech and weigh scales set up for those that may want to weigh their car on a first come first served basis. The location is very close to 75th Ave and Happy Valley Road, exact address will be sent to all entrants before January 7th. Please register if you plan to attend so we will have a head count to know how many pizzas to order. http://msreg.com/PASRAnnualTechDay This will be held at Lance Hamilton's house, so please be respectable when coming and going as well as when parking and hanging out. The neighbors will know we doing this, but we still wish to be as less intrusive as possible while enjoying ourselves. There will be room for some trailers if needed but may need to be unloaded down the street a bit. Please let us know if you plan on bringing a trailer. Thanks, Lance ANNUAL_TECH_FORM 2023.pdf
  8. Thanks, I think I fixed it now. The pic link AND the car BTW...
  9. Great job on the video Jason and reaching your target time. This is the only digital evidence I have of the event...but it doesn't show just how much we all enjoyed the course, the event and especially the comradery with our fellow competitors during all aspects of the day and the banquet after. It was awesome!
  10. Thanks for posting these so fast Jason, and for all you do to keep the Timing and scoring running smoothly all of the time. It is appreciated...
  11. Hello Racers, Please review the Attendee list linked below to verify your run groups, Grid #s, and work assignments. I've made a few changes but not too many since last update so please just verify real quick and let me know if any issues. https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.status/uidEvent/FA8DDEB2-D33A-3AA5-FBD2377CCEE4A357 We currently have 27 people on the waitlist to get into this event... Yes, you read that right...27 people still wanting to get in. If there is ANY chance you can't make it on Sunday, please let me know ASAP so I can let the next person in line know to get ready to race. Speedwaiver link is here. Please make sure you have your and any invited guests of yours Speedwaivers complete and ready to go when you get to the gate Sunday morning. https://phxsoloregion.speedwaiver.com/gkczv That's it for now, see you all bright and early Sunday morning!! Lance
  12. Loved the course today, it flowed SO well. Thanks Bill!! My GoPro failed on my fastest 40.921 but here's my 40.966 the run before. Looking back at data seeing where I screwed up sure makes me wish I had one more shot at it.
  13. Registration has closed... I've had to shuffle a few grid numbers and work assignments around so please double check yours here and make sure it's all good. https://click.pstmrk.it/2ts/www.motorsportreg.com%2Findex.cfm%2Fevent%2Fevent.status%2FuidEvent%2FFA1BC0D7-D9AF-FCBF-F3128E363B9BDD7C/j-AU5zMN/cP88/GnH_cCGm94 Let me know as soon as you can if you can NOT make the event or if you need me to make any adjustments to your entry. We have 7 drivers on the waitlist trying to get into the event that would appreciate as early notification as possible should they get in. Otherwise, see you all on Sunday!! Lance
  14. Hello Racers, Registration is full and we have started a waitlist for the Nov 13 event. Please review your entry details on the attendee page and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.status/uidEvent/FA1BC0D7-D9AF-FCBF-F3128E363B9BDD7C Check to make sure I have co-drivers noted and spread far enough apart in grid and that work assignments will go smoothly with run groups. Even though we are full, if you'd like to attend, go ahead and sign up and get on the waitlist. At the last event at one point we had 10 people on the waitlist and they all got into the event as cancels came in. Remember that only those people on the guest list with a completed Speedwaiver will have access to enter the site. We are at full capacity and will not allow any person not a entrant or on the invited guest list to enter. Thanks, Lance
  15. Thanks Manfred... You take the bad with the good I guess. I currently have 143 driver's entries complete including work assignments (except for grid #s which I'll wait a while yet to do) for the Nov 13 event and viewable for everyone to see on the attendee page. https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.status/uidEvent/FA1BC0D7-D9AF-FCBF-F3128E363B9BDD7C We check in 150ish drivers in less than an hour and can press one button and then import all driver's info into the Timing and Scoring software completely accurate including No Shows. I also print all worker check in sheets straight out of MSR as well as the Announcer's sheets. Having all of this in one neat tidy package makes it super easy to keep events running fast and efficient allowing more time to get more runs in for everyone. It does take some tweaking and practice to get efficient at the running the backside of MSR and I still learn new things about it every event, but I couldn't see ever going back to not using this very powerful tool to run events.
  16. I'll try to make this clearer how the Digital Annual waiver affects us at registration. We don't care what waiver you use to get through the gate, we only care about getting you checked into the system to show that you are on site and to get you entered into the timing and scoring software. However, because we use the Speedwaiver system inside MSR, EVERY entry that gets checked in at Registration has to either already have a completed Speedwaiver on file with their entry with the name spelled exactly as it is on the entry OR Registration has to back end around the entry causing extra key strokes and extra time during check in. In other words, getting everyone through Registration quicker and easier for all requires all entrants to complete a Speedwaiver for each event. We have asked MSR for a way to work around this, either by them recognizing completed Digital Annual waivers or letting us not require Speedwaivers at check in. So far, they have not fulfilled either request. My educated guess is roughly 95% of the 150 drivers we have at each event complete the Speedwaiver correctly for each event, Registration thanks each and every one of you that does for helping us get everyone checked in faster.
  17. I'm not positive if Faith at waivers will let you on site with the digital waiver but I believe she will. It does however make us at registration do an extra step while checking you in if you do not do the Speedwaiver. So we at registration would appreciate it if you would complete the Speedwaiver. I have the annual digital as well and still do my Speedwaiver to help make things run smoother. MSR is aware of this and it is on there list of things to upgrade but as of yet they still do not recognize them.
  18. Just a note to mention that everyone that was on the waitlist made it into the event today. We had about 6 cancels yesterday and were able to slide those on the waitlist into the event.
  19. Super fun fast course today, thanks course design team!! Here was the best I could manage on my wore out tires...can't wait to get the fresh rubber bolted on. 46.161 Can't wait to watch the fast guys videos from this course, I bet they were flying!!
  20. Hello Racers, Registration has closed and grid #s and work assignments have been set. Please visit this link to review and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.status/uidEvent/FA0066CC-B096-6272-AA51252E3F51BDEA We do have 6 drivers on the waitlist so we ask that if you cannot attend the event, please let us know ASAP so we can fill that spot with the next person waiting to get in. This will be our 2nd full day format event. The first one in Sept went very well but we are going to tweak on things just a bit more to try to make things better for everyone. In an effort to get as many runs in as possible we wish to get through the morning duties as quickly as possible. Please make sure to have your Speedwaivers done BEFORE you get to waivers in the morning to expedite getting inside the gate. Please be on site early and be prepared to get checked in at Registration, Teched and get your course walks in as quickly as possible. Remember, there will be 2 lines at Registration, one for Run Groups A and B, the other for Run Groups C and D. If you know your Run Group and Grid # when you get to the table, it will speed up check in. The course will be set up on Friday and ready for walking by 7 am Saturday morning. We will close Registration and Tech at 7:35 am so we can get the driver's meeting done and first cars off as close to 8 am as possible. Pat the Hot dog lady will be onsite serving lunch. She will take cash or Credit cards for payment. 6:00 am Gates open only for Setup, Waiver, SSS, Etc. 6:30 am Gates Open for drivers and registered guests 6:30 am Registration opens 6:30 am Tech opens 7:00 am Course open for walking 7:30 am Novice Course Walk 7:35 am Registration and Tech close 7:45 am Course closed for walking 7:55 am Driver's Meeting 8:00 am Sound check Group B and D drivers only 8:15 am First car off 4:00 pm End of event See you all there! Thanks, Lance
  21. Isabella is your daughter correct? It looks like she reserved two invited guest slots so I'll need to put both of her guest's names on the list, they go in the Additional Comments box on the entry form. If she is only bringing one guest, please let me know so I can let someone else use the 2nd guest pass. The invited guests will also need to complete their own speedwaiver on their own phones to be able to enter past waivers at the gate. The link to the speedwaiver can be found on your MSR payment receipt. The guests can bring their own cars, there are two different paddock parking areas, one close to the grid area and one near the entry gate close to waivers.
  22. Go ahead and get on the waitlist for this event. There are only 5 or 6 on it now and I expect we'll have some cancelations this week.
  23. Adjust your calendars… The new Phoenix AZ Solo Region November date is November 13th. Early registration for PASR members only opens Wednesday Oct 26th at 8 pm and registration for non-members will open on Friday October 28th at 8 pm. http://msreg.com/PHXAZSOLO2022Fall3 Thanks, Lance
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