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  1. I'll be bringing a lot of summer dust on the car with me to the first fall event...unless I get time to wash it that is. Can't wait to see everyone again and also to get to drive in anger again...it's been a while
  2. Todd, it looks like you are confirmed for group D. Now just pay your registration fee and you're good to go. See ya there...
  3. Groups A and B are currently sold out, C and D still available. I believe you must first cancel waitlisted registration before registering again for a available group.
  4. Thanks Kenny, I thought I got them all fixed...
  5. Being a member also saves you $15/event and supports and helps the Region put these events on.
  6. We added a drop down option to the registration in MSR for the registering driver to invite 1-2 guests and they'll add the names of the guests in the Additional Comments box like you would a co-driver name. Once the # of invited guests reaches the cap per session, the option will not show as available any longer. Waivers will have a list of "invited guests" names next to the driver that invited them at the waiver station. It will be the driver's responsibility to get the Speedwaiver link to their guests for them to process the Speedwaiver and show to waivers at the gate.
  7. My pleasure Chris... Was pretty simple really once we got your car pushed up the ramps... 😀
  8. I had The Lift Shop mount and balance the new tires on my truck a month or so ago, Cruz took good care of me.
  9. I have a set of scales and a level 4 post drive on lift in a climate controlled garage and am in the NW valley (75th Ave and Happy Valley). We can probably find a time to get it done here for you. Reach out and let me know what your schedule is like...I'm pretty flexible. 816-536-3811
  10. Man, that last corner was a killer for a LOT of people so it appears...
  11. Thank you Kim for getting these out to us. My only wish is that my results were better than they appear to be against the field. 🤬
  12. Were you looking for a 43.xxx there at the end or just real happy with your low 44? 😄 Nice run regardless.
  13. I LOVE having someone handing out post-its with run times on it after each run. Maybe with our increased run group size we can revisit sacrificing a course worker to be the score hander outer...
  14. Here was my fastest, a 44.9xx. I also couldn't keep the rear under the car on the last two elements before the finish...too throttle happy. Loved the course though and love my new TruTrac diff and 370 gear. I think I finally got that part right, now just have to get used to it. 50 mph thru the slalom effortlessly, it's never been able to do that before...EVER...
  15. Everyone please remember to have your Speedwaiver pics ready on your phone at gate as well as a signed AMP waiver sheet. For speedwaiver https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/clevu AMP waiver https://dl.motorsportreg.com/3601cf83-dfbd-4519-94ba-326fb7cc576f/
  16. This driver appreciates all the left hand turns this week!! Thanks Nick!! See ya Saturday...
  17. So the hardest part about all of these DIY "alignment tools" is holding the caster camber gauge on the wheel properly while doing that caster sweep. NONE of them hold the tool securely to the wheel has been my experience. We built a T shaped tube metal jig that we bungee cord directly to each wheel and use a magnetic gauge to attach to it. The bungees let you position the jig so it's level and true and then they hold it in place very well. It also extends out in front and behind the tire and has slots in it to attach tape measure ends too for setting toe. Kind of an all in one tool... Some sort of slip mechanism IS required to get an accurate caster reading as the tire moves forward\in, backward\out as you make a caster sweep The linoleum tiles\garbage bags\sheetmetal with grease ideas are all ways to let this happen...the turn plates just do one other job by adding the gauge to show you exactly 20 degrees each way. You can also get by with masking tape marks on the steering wheel and column to replicate the 20 degree sweeps each direction though. The big deal is holding the caster gauge securely to the wheel...none of the kits do this very well at all. And when the gauge falls off or moves for the tenth time while trying to check caster, you'll come up with a way to hold it to the wheel securely. Might as well do that from the start and skip buying the kit is my suggestion.
  18. Also, I moved a few of you from work assignments like Grid, Starter or Observer to Course thinking you were waitlisted because work assignment was sold out. That was not the case all of the times, so if you are one that happened too...you can go back into your registration and edit it to change back to the original assignment you wanted. If it's available you should be confirmed. If you'd rather, send me a note and I'll change it back for you.
  19. Jason figured out the snafu, it all should be fixed now and everyone made it in...in the run group they chose. Wouldn't hurt to check back in and make sure your registration is all correct though. Sorry for the confusion...
  20. For some reason quite a few registrations were put on a waitlist. I "think" it was because the work assignment you chose was sold out, not the run group. I have confirmed all on the waitlist in the run group you requested. We'll figure out the work assignments later.
  21. Thanks Scott...Might want to hold that praise until after you try to register tonight though... 😄
  22. Registration for the AZ Solo Autocross Spring 2021 Series Event 4 April 10, 2021 opens at 8 pm this Friday evening. http://msreg.com/AZSpring4 As similar to our last several events, the same covid restrictions will be in place. Masks will be required, except while driving. If you don't bring a mask, you won't be able to participate. Only pre-registered drivers will be allowed on site. This means no spectators or guests! There will be no onsite registration for this event. A and B groups will run in the morning, C and D will run in the afternoon. If you are in C or D group, you can not show up on site till noon. You will be turned away if you show up before then. Gate open at 630 am for morning run groups. We will not be providing loaner helmets, you must bring your own Snell approved helmet with a 2005 or newer rating. Water will not be provided on site, so please plan accordingly to bring your own. There will be no food vendors on site, so please plan accordingly Special processes will be in place for waiver. Check your Motorsportsreg event receipt for additional instructions. If your car does not have a sound sticker already, you MUST register in either A or B group, there will be no sound tests in the afternoon. Instructors will not be available at this event. April 2021 AMP Waiver Please download, print sign and bring to event. AZ Solo AMP Waiver Spring Series 4.pdf SpeedWaiver link for SCCA waiver for the April event: https://azsolo.speedwaiver.com/clevu When registering for your Speedwaiver, please use the exact name registered on MotorSportsReg.com. Kenneth on registration means Kenneth on Speedwaiver also (ie: not Ken). Hope to see everyone there! https://azsolo.motorsportreg.com/events/az-solo-autocross-spring-2021-series-event-4-arizona-motorsports-park-scca-338846
  23. This was my bad, I made some changes to the way work assignments are registered and in the process the event got changed to private. Once it was discovered it got changed back to public right away. Sorry for any confusion. I'll get an event thread up shortly with all the details and links... registration does open at 8 pm tonight.
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