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  1. I think the cone waving started after smoke signals were no longer viable because they took too long to start a signal, and before the invention of two-way radios? Although, I could be mistaken!
  2. In my opinion, standing and raising the cone over your head exposes the cone chaser to danger longer as the next car is approaching. The course worker shouldn't be lolly-gagging just to get someone's attention that he/she is replacing a down cone. That course worker shouldn't need to worry about if that cone was counted or not. The only thing the cone chaser needs to worry about where is the next car and if it is safe to get that cone back in the square safely. It's someone else's job to account for the displaced cone. The cone chaser should never waste any time to replace the down cone. It's the corner station radio operator's responsibility to report the displaced cone and the observer's responsibility to relay the report to the timing person. Standing and raising the cone to get someone's attention will get you killed in a heartbeat. This practice needs to stop.
  3. If the Region ever decides to host a National Event, numbers on the cars is a mandatory requirement, per the Solo rules. Cars with non-metallic body panels is not an issue, there are static-cling vinyl or sticky numbers and letters that resolves that problem.
  4. The cost was many thousands of dollars at that time and I was told they were not interested in having an autocross event at their facility.
  5. I was the timing guy all day for the event. Kim K. and I were assisting the Porsche Club Region for that Area with their first autocross event. Their event had 36 drivers. There were a lot of light standards throughout the parking lot. The event site could have potential but, paddock and grid space could be very challenging and a maximum attendance limit may have to be instituted to make the event operations manageable. The drivers ran in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Maybe a limit if 80 driver's would be the maximum number. I did not drive in the event because I drove my Truck towing the trailer full of equipment to facilitate the event. Kim drove in the event and he would be a better source to provide an opinion on if the site would be a viable event site insofar as designing a course with the light poles. However, there still isn't sufficient space for a paddock for members towing a trailer let alone sufficient space for a grid.
  6. I have a feeling that Micky would rather drive a CAM-S Corvette than a CAM-C Mustang. Also, he's been driving Bruce Cambern's CAM-S Cobra at American Autocross Series (AAS) events and has been doing well. Bruce is up there in age and I don't know what Bruce's future is. Micky graduates from High School in about a month or so and he will be off to a College somewhere and that may affect his autocrossing. I thought about handing down my CAM-S C4 Corvette but, trailering the car to events and garaging it will be a problem for him at this point. His dad's shop doesn't have to space to store the car.
  7. Micky did well. Unfortunately, he rubbed a cone on his last run on Sunday to set the fast time for the class if it was cleaned and with that cone he ended up placing third behind David Rock. If it wasn't for the cone he would have placed second and only .103 second out of first place over all for the weekend.
  8. This kid is in High School today and is 18 years old. He is co-driving a CAM-S C5 Corvette, not quite like the one depicted in the picture below, and he is only .182 second out of first place hanging onto second place in front of David Rock by .183 second, 1.064 seconds in front of Jeff Woodbury, and 2.608 seconds in front of Kerry Gonzalez. Today (Sunday) will put some pressure on him and hopefully he won't choke and let the big guys and girl get the best of him. Although, he is competing in CAM-S and not in CAM-C, I just want to note that he even has .239 second on Dave Schotz. I teased Dave last year when Micky competed in a CAM-C car at a National event, don't remember if it was a Tour Event or Nationals, and if it wasn't for a cone he would have been nipping at Dave's heels. The point of this is, I just wanted mention he is going to be a National Championship Winner in CAM, either in C or S in the future. Although, he's not only following me in my footsteps to National Championship status, he is also following his Father's and Mother's footsteps to National Championship status. His Grandfather used to be fast at one time. You'll never guess who got him that "Lil Red Corvette" for Christmas that year.
  9. It is my understanding that Discount Tire bought Tire Rack about a year or two ago, and they operate independently. However, Tire Rack will ship to Discount Tire.
  10. My Holley HP EFI computer is set to shut off if the oil pressure drops below 20 PSI
  11. My 89 C4 Corvette had plenty of pressure, up around 70 or so, and I did not have any rods knocking.
  12. Another thing to consider is what does it take to relearn the different sensors. On my Corvette I believe it may require a special device/tool to relearn the sensors when you swap wheels with the different sensors. On my Porsche, I can change the wheel settings for my 20" street wheels to the 19" autocross wheels and drive a mile or so to relearn the different settings.
  13. On my 2013 Corvette Grand Sport, I ran my autocross wheels without the TPMS sensors and after three events the System would not allow me to turn off the nannies. I had to put on the street wheels and drive around the block to reset the system for three more events. For my Porsche I had Forgeline to include the sensors in my autocross wheels so I don't have to do the reset drive around the block.
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