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  1. I assume that the upcoming event will be on the Fall run/work schedule whereas, A works for C and the site gate opens at 7AM? Just checking.
  2. Outstanding. Thank you. Are we going to use the South Gate?
  3. I hope the September event is looking good for Marana. Any word if the event will be held at Marana? Just curious because decision time is approaching fast.
  4. At the end of the registration process on the page that has the link for downloading the AMP waiver and the Speedwaiver, the Speedwaiver link directs me to the event last April. Just so you know.
  5. The pilots would probably have to be IFR certified due to minimal visibility and the planes would need to be IFR equipped and also certified.
  6. Any chance in making up for today's event by having a two-day event weekend with the August event weekend, if it is at Marana?
  7. Performance Automotive and Tire on Superstition Springs Rd. in Mesa will take care of you. You'll need to call them in advance to arrange it and they will give you a SCCA discount on the mounting and balance.
  8. I inadvertently, registered for the Sierra Vista event and their registration closed prior to me realizing that I made a mistake, and I could not cancel the entry. I did send them a separate request to cancel but, I may have been charged via PayPal for their entry fee. When I tried to complete my registration for the AZ Border event for July 25, the Paypal was trying to charge me with a default of "Two" in my Shopping Cart. I did change the number of items in my cart from two to one however, I am not sure who gets my money now. Additionally, I received two email receipts from Paypal. It appears that the payment did go to AZ Border Region SCCA and not Sierra Vista however, I may have been charged twice. The transaction ID numbers are: 5FJ91779VL426561N and 398854753L8006729. Will I be charged twice for this event? Please let me know and please help, because I need it. Thanks
  9. Forza Alignments might do corner weighing. They are located in Tempe. They do a good job on alignments and will work with you in your alignment requirements.
  10. Corner weighing takes time, depending if the car has been corner weighed before. If it is the first time, it may take a couple to a few hours to perform an accurate balance. Also, each scale pad, has to be laser/bubble level with each other or you're wasting your time. And, if you are weighing a car with a stock suspension and with soft rubber bushings, you are essentially wasting your time because the balance will not hold when the suspension loaded up in a corner. Using the club scales at an event, on an unlevel surface, will only be good for a total vehicle weight. You need an adjustable platform like this with laser equipment to achieve a perfect level surface.
  11. Hi Scott: The event they (SCCA Rio Grande Region) had this past weekend was posted on MSR.
  12. When will the MSR be posted in order to register?
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