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  1. Those poor little itty bitty cones. The cone gods will hunt you down if you abuse them.
  2. Can someone tell me what is the radio frequency used for the Region's low-powered FM radio transmitter? I would like to program my new toy so I can hear the announcements over the PA System out in the North 40 parking lot.
  3. In the MSR event details for the next event, it says download using the link, print, sign, and bring paper copy to Waiver Station. Are we back to bringing AMP Waiver paper again? Just curious.
  4. I corded the edge of the rears of my Hoosier A7s but, not as bad. And, I have replacements. This time I'm going back to the 200 Treadware tires.
  5. I noticed the new Region is not listed in the table of Clubs for adding to your MSR account. Will the new Region be added sometime soon? Just curious.
  6. That looks like the form I used last January that I got from this website by clicking in the News tab, click on the Documents button and then click on the Annual Tech button and you'll get the same form if you click on the link that Jeff Z pasted to his posting.
  7. Can we have our car(s) inspected tomorrow and have it qualify for the 2022 Annual Tech Inspection or do we have to wait until next month?
  8. I didn't see a link for the AMP Waiver for the December event anywhere in MSR. I checked my receipt and the various pages in MSR and no link. Did I miss something?
  9. The new entrance will be controlled by the new traffic signal, just east of the old entrance, that may or may not be in operational the next event. If you travel through the new intersection, than you missed the entrance. Even a blind driver in the dark shouldn't have a problem seeing the new entrance as you approach it. Just "Look Ahead".
  10. Is it possible in the future course designs that the start beam be further away from the starting line so it is not a drag race type start? Just curious.
  11. This Region hosted a Pro Solo event at Failure Analysis back in the early 90s, I believe it was in 1991 or 1992. I remember the site had lots of good grip, at least for the BFG 206s. This Region also hosted a Pro Solo event back in the early 90s at the Goodyear Airport. I kinda recall the surface being just ok for grip on the Yokohama RS2s. The State Fair Grounds and Tempe Stadium were a couple more sites used for either a Divisional or a National Tour event in the early 90s.. I recall Tempe Stadium being a horrible site.
  12. I think a Solo Trials (formerly Solo I) event would be fun and different.
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