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  1. If I go, I can take them and I will arrive there Thursday afternoon. I plan on being on-site early Friday morning and I'll be staying Sunday night in Lincoln.
  2. What size are the tires? I am planning on going but, it is weather (Rain) dependent if I go or not. If I do go, more than likely I'll be going to Peru Indiana from Lincoln for the Tour the following weekend so, the tires won't be back in Arizona until after that weekend.
  3. Michaels has the Chalk markers, in florescent colors, in a 4 pack, for $11.99, of course, plus tax.
  4. Since, the Saturday Test & Tune event will be an all day event, if I am not able to be on-site in the morning, will I be able to arrive around noon and get my car teched and registered for the afternoon session? I would appreciate an official answer to my question. Thanks
  5. In light of the new CDC Covid-19 Guidelines that were announced a few days ago in regards to wearing face coverings at outdoor events for persons that have received their Covid-19 vaccination and in possession of the CDC Covid-19 Vaccine Record Card, could the committee consider the possibility for persons that received their shots and are in possession of the said card be exempt from wearing face coverings at the April event?
  6. I am ok with whatever event format the committee decides. I just would like the capacity restriction lifted so if I decide to run in the afternoon session, I can arrive anytime before noon and if I elect to run in the morning that I don't have to leave by noon so I can hang and watch the afternoon cars run, and that I be able to bring a friend/wife to watch.
  7. Cracker Barrel on the east side of Litchfield Rd. just north of the Interstate 10 Freeway, a hop skip and a jump from AMP.
  8. Not that we were ever abnormal but, today I heard that the Governor has lifted the Covid Restriction for capacities for indoor and outdoor events. Will our events revert back to normalcy soon?
  9. It is my understanding that there are only two run groups (A & B) for the Test and Tune on Saturday. A works for B and B works for A. Both groups will run in the morning session and again in the afternoon session. So, that means, everybody that signed up for the Test and Tune gets to hang-out all day, if they so desire. Am I occasionally right or wrong as usual? I am ready to be corrected, if it is necessary.
  10. Was a decision made yet if it is a Test & Tune and a regular event or a special two-day event for March 13/14?
  11. I'm not the official word here because I'm just a regular attendee but, I believe the past practice is you may have to show up in the morning for the sound check, leave, and come back at noon for the afternoon session.
  12. Info sent. Let me know if you didn't get it.
  13. Please email me. nokones@kenmitchell.com
  14. If the respective Snell sticker is missing or inked over by a writing instrument it may mean that the helmet could have been involved an incident with an impact force. Some Motorsports Sanctioning Bodies will pull the certification sticker or ink it out requiring the competitor either get the helmet recertified or purchase a new one if the competitor was involved an on-track incident or gets pissed and slams the helmet to a hard surface.
  15. And Falken and Goodyear. Some are running the BFGs but, good luck, with them.
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