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  1. Jeff: The max number of total people on the entire AMP property is the same. Years ago, I've seen a max cap limiting the number of entrants for a National Tour. If my memory serves me right, I think the limit was 185 for some reason and I guess it may have to do with the physical size of the site. Another challenge may be the subject of leaving trailers on-site overnight.
  2. Forza in Tempe on Hacienda off of University near McClintock
  3. SCCA Rio Grande Regon has hosted several National Events both Tours and Pro Solos at McGee Park in the past. McGee is definitely a nice site and the County will let people leave their trailers on-site and camp overnight. Road Runner PCA Region also hosts events at McGee. Farmington is less than a day's drive and the weather is cooler than here in the summer and I try to make their events when our Region is on the summer break.
  4. After giving this some thought and time to formulate a response myself on the question raised last night, the subject of holding a National Solo event at AMP came up, why don't we (PASR) hold an event, and the response was, some of the inherited site restrictions outlined in the Use Permit may not be favorable in the Eyes of the National Solo Department. I don't believe that the site restrictions would be the limiting factor(s) for the National Solo Department to not approve an event at AMP. Although, there will be challenges to overcome for holding an Event at AMP, anything is doable, if a good team of doers want to put a strong effort into making it happen. In my almost 40 years of experience in this sport, attending National events (Divisionals before National Tours, National Tours, Match Tours, Pro Solos, and Solo and Pro Solo Nationals) throughout the Country, I have seen smaller sized sites and attendance cap restrictions at numerous National events. If my memory serves me right and based on my experience as being an Event Chair numerous times for past events of this magnitude, a Past Chair of a National Solo committee, being a Speciality Chief in various positions and the understanding what are the expectations of how the National Solo Department conducts business, at least in the past, and now that they deploy a contingent of Event staff and equipment to National Solo Events, there was, and I'm sure there still is, a minimum number of entrants that have to be met before they cancel an event, and I believe that minimum was and may still be 125, probably for economic/cost-effectiveness reasons. I believe that there are several options that the Region could explore in pre-planning for a National Event and to help keep the attendance below the permitted number of allowed attendants on site. A couple thoughts are, the event could be held during the work week instead a weekend, during the winter months like January. I don't believe holding an event in the late spring or summer in the hot weather months would discourage many since I seen National events held in areas jn the summer where the weather was a lot worst than our summer heat. Also, I believe the National Solo Department may cover the Event expenses such as the site fee, security cost, and any other related event expenses. The Region only needs to do is the planning effort, do the local leg work before and up to the event, and put together a team to staff the setup crews and various event speciality chief positions. The National Solo Department will bring the timing and scoring, public address equipment and systems and I believe the cones. I think the Region should explore this possibility of holding a National Event at AMP and see if the National Department is interested and let them say no instead of the Region assuming that they would say no. The PASR Board should entertain/support the suggestion made last night and initiate action to explore the possibility of holding such an event locally for the PASR members. PASR members needs to know, the entry fees to National Events are not the normal $35.00 reg fee and you get at least 4 runs and there will be fun runs later in the day. The reg fee will be in the neighborhood of $130-140 and you only get 3 runs on each day and no fun runs later in the day however, if you place good in your class you will be recognized in front of the competitors and get some hardware to take home and place on the wall and be proud of. Members, would a reg fee of such be acceptable to you so you can compete and maybe collect some National hardware and/or get whupped by an out-of-town National caliber competitor?
  5. Hmmm, looks like a lot of horsepower back in them days. Thanks Scott.
  6. Probably. I wasn't around or was I a figment of anyone's imagination during the 1800's so I do not have any sense on what would a land rush anywhere during that Era be like. Based on the fact that I applied for a digital waiver today, the response to my application is pending approval of the photo file I sent in and the response indicated that my waiver will expire on 12-31-22. I don't know what would happen, insofar as an expiration date, if I apply on 12-30-22.
  7. If you apply for the Digital Waiver this year, it will expire on 12-31-22. I assume if the MSR will not integrate the digital waiver, we probably would have to be ready to show proof twice, at the waiver station and at registration
  8. Before speedwaivers came in effect, I had an annual waiver and the back of my membership card had it listed with all my specialty licenses along with my picture. My membership expires in July and at the time my annual waiver expired at the end of December. Will we need to have our signature notarized for the new annual waiver?
  9. They have a designated Alignment Tech that does all the alignments.
  10. And contingencies - free Yokohama Tires for all the class winners
  11. Hey, let's run with numbers and class designations on our cars and have Impound and weigh cars and have cone audits
  12. And, what time will we be allowed to arrive on-site by? Any info would be most appreciated by the travelers that need to get up by 2:00AM and drive for three hours.
  13. That is the same weekend as the Good Guys season finale. Will both events be points events? Personally, I think the Region should consider holding events both days of the same weekend. That would provide more events throughout the season with minimum effort if you run the course in reverse direction the next day. All you have to do is massage the start finish accordingly. This concept has been adopted by other regions and its been very successful. Maybe AMP would agree to a weekend special package pricing for renting the site.
  14. Will there be early registration tomorrow for the October 22 event or will the registration open up this Friday?
  15. Keep an eye on your one teenage daughter. They end up meeting someone's teenage son at an event than they become the parents of your grand kids. Although, I'm proud of mine, both became multi year national champions and this year my 17 year old grandson attended his first national solo event. He is a future CAM-C National Champion.
  16. Has anyone look into P.I.R.? It is my understanding that their big parking lots are paved now.
  17. Scott - Arizona Border Region scored a large lot at a Sports Complex. The sports complex is named "Kino" and there are a bunch of baseball fields but, no craps and blackjack tables. Although, there may be some private betting going on between some individuals on the games being played. Their (AZ Border) first event at the Kino Sports Complex is scheduled in October.
  18. Lance is the Event Registration person. You should have sent this through your MSR account for this particular event and request to cancel so he could possibly move somebody from the waitlist. He may see this post but, probably not in time.
  19. What are the various start and site open times for the Kino Sport Complex event? The website shows the gate open time at 8:30 and the driver's meeting almost noon.
  20. I saw that too eons ago and I was wondering if that was still the game plan since it is getting close to the event date and I haven't seen anything official yet.
  21. Has the Board decided on event format for the Fall Season yet?
  22. OUTSTANDING! Looking forward to attending AZ Border events again.
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