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  1. I saw that too eons ago and I was wondering if that was still the game plan since it is getting close to the event date and I haven't seen anything official yet.
  2. Has the Board decided on event format for the Fall Season yet?
  3. OUTSTANDING! Looking forward to attending AZ Border events again.
  4. Jay Balducci, Jay Bucki, and Doug Rowse took positions 1,2, and 3 respectively, in the Porsche Street (Super Street) Class and Kathi Van Der Werf took first in the Porsche Street Ladies Class at the Packwood National Tour. Jay and Jason definitely have figured out the GT4 and looks like that Doug decided to join the Porsche Team and hooked a ride in Kathi's GT4. Good job guys and Kathi.
  5. I have three National Championship Titles on Koni Yellow Sport Single Adjustable Shocks. I believe there are more championships titles that were had on Konis than Bilsteins. I tried custom valved Bilsteins and they sucked big time in the quick transitions and rode very harsh on the road. The Konis are a lot better shock for the quick transitions and ride great on the road.
  6. If you're looking for decent, not too expensive, off-the-shelf, autocross shock, I would try a Koni Yellow Sport Shock before I would try a Bilstein. The Konis are adjustable and the Bilsteins are not. Another source is Shock Warehouse. Did you try looking at Tirerack?
  7. Try www.carid.com They usually have stuff in stock when others are out of stock.
  8. Call Ken Ashby, Service Consultant, at Sands Chevrolet, on Waddell Ave. If you mention my name he'll charge you double so he can make up for all the discounts he gives me. He is a straight shooter. They have a bunch old guy mechanics that knows their stuff. I have had great luck with them.
  9. Crows is a very grippy concrete site. Back in the day I remember 90 mph slaloms and the course length was well over a mile and you got five 80 second runs. The little 4 banger cars would always complained about not having enough gearing. Crows was not the best concrete site back in the day. Castle Air Park, formerly Castle Air Force Base, was the best. We use to run on a very huge grippy concrete pad.
  10. No big-boy sizes for my Corvettes. However, they have little-boy sizes for my Porsche. I may have to try these since, we'll probably won't see any Yoks or Falkens until July or so. I might try Nankangs if the Bridgestones don't come out by mid-May for my Porsche.
  11. Go to your MSR account and edit your registration before registration is closed.
  12. It was a sweeper turn at the end far from being a hairpin turn with slaloms going out and coming back.
  13. I hope that the Sunoco Race Fuel pumps at the Love's Truck Stop don't go away after the race tracks get torn down.
  14. If anyone is interested in some ZO6 springs, shocks, and wheels, contact Eddie at Forza Automotive in Tempe. He just removed these items from a customer's C7 ZO6 and these items are for sale.
  15. The driver left it somewhere outside the car. I believe he told me that he left it on the roof. If he left it on the roof it should have slid off the roof way as he left the line. The driver was one of the 40 Rollers gang and he was driving a Camaro.
  16. The course was designed for the Porsche GT4s. Did Nick scrap the Tesla and bought a GT4 and was unable to make the event? Looks like the GT4s are multiplying like Rabbits. I believe there were 3 or 4 at the Test-N-Tune event.
  17. In reading the Phlon Press, I noticed that the red car pictured in "Living the Good Life" and with the caption "Vintage Ford Convertible" and below stating "Fun car at the February Phoenix AZ Solo Region Event", is not a "Ford" Convertible. The car depicted in the picture is a Rambler. And, if my memory serves me right, the car is a Rambler Classic model Convertible. Now, I'm sure that 98.6% of our members have never heard of or know what a Rambler car is because the Rambler line discontinued producing in the United States in the mid-70s, decades way before most of our members were born. The Rambler line had several models like the AMX, Javelin, Rebel, Ambassador, Marlin, Nash, Matador, and Hornet. In the late 60s, Nash Motors, the company that produced the Rambler line, merged with the Hornet Company, to form the American Motors Company (AMC), which is responsible for producing the famous "Gremlin". My question is, was this a test or a trick to see if anyone was paying attention to the contents of this publication and if anyone noticed, is there a Grand Prize for the first person in discovering this trick? Just curious. So, what is the Grand Prize and am I the first person to discover this trick?
  18. I made another "Last Change" to the event schedule. I added in the time to call workers to report/check in for the first run group in the morning session. This is really important for the Run Group "C" Drivers that will work the first group. The schedule reflects the time of 7:50AM to report/check-in just before the 8:00AM Driver's Safety Meeting. I posted the corrected Event Schedule file to the original post above.
  19. There was a cancellation for the Test-N-Tune Event and there is one spot left. So, if you're deciding to attend, this is the time to make a decision before that spot is taken up and the last lunch serving is spoken for. Now, if you do sign up that doesn't mean that you will be last in line for the lunch serving. We just want to make sure that everyone gets served with a Region provided lunch at the Event. Registration will close this Thursday at 8:00PM AST (Arizona Standard Time) so you better hurry up and log-on to your MSR account and click-on for the event before registration closes or someone else gets the last spot and you're waitlisted. Just so you know, there is no other option for a fun-packed event anywhere in the Land of Phoenix Arizona Solo Region (PASR) on that day. Oh, one other thing, guest may be invited providing that you send them the Speedwaiver invitation link and they complete the waiver. They will be required to show at the Waiver Station that they completed the waiver process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at nokones@kenmitchell.com or any PASR Board Member.
  20. I want to reiterate the early start times for the Test-N-Tune Event to make sure everyone knows to be there and ready earlier than a regular Season Points Event. The times are: 06:00 Site/Gate Open and Equipment Setup 06:30 Gates Open for Drivers & Guests 06:40 Registration & Tech Opens 07:00 Course Open For Walking 07:30 Novice Course Walk 07:35 Registration & Tech closes 07:45 Course Closed For Walking 07:50 ALL CARS SHOULD BE ON GRID FOR ALL GROUPS 08:00 Driver's Meeting If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at nokones@kenmitchell.com or by posting your question to this forum.
  21. The Event is now at the maximum capacity. If you are still thinking about signing up, you should go ahead and sign up and get on the waiting list just in case that someone is unable to make it at the last moment. This does happen.
  22. At this very moment, there are only 2 spots left for the March 12, 2022, Test-N-Tune/Practice event left. That will take the number of entries to the maximum cap. of 72, 24 cars per group. If you are thinking about entering the event, you better sign up before the last two spots are filled. If you sign up after the last two spots are filled, you will be placed on a waitlist. For your convenience, here is the link to register for the event. AZ Solo Autocross Spring 2022 Series Test N Tune (motorsportreg.com)
  23. Scott - yes, everyone will get a windshield sticker from Registration just like a regular points series event.
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