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  1. The new entrance will be controlled by the new traffic signal, just east of the old entrance, that may or may not be in operational the next event. If you travel through the new intersection, than you missed the entrance. Even a blind driver in the dark shouldn't have a problem seeing the new entrance as you approach it. Just "Look Ahead".
  2. Is it possible in the future course designs that the start beam be further away from the starting line so it is not a drag race type start? Just curious.
  3. This Region hosted a Pro Solo event at Failure Analysis back in the early 90s, I believe it was in 1991 or 1992. I remember the site had lots of good grip, at least for the BFG 206s. This Region also hosted a Pro Solo event back in the early 90s at the Goodyear Airport. I kinda recall the surface being just ok for grip on the Yokohama RS2s. The State Fair Grounds and Tempe Stadium were a couple more sites used for either a Divisional or a National Tour event in the early 90s.. I recall Tempe Stadium being a horrible site.
  4. I think a Solo Trials (formerly Solo I) event would be fun and different.
  5. No, I moved here May 2019. I haven't been on the AMP or Wild Horse race tracks yet. I've been chasing some small gremlin issues with my C4 and now the clutch is slipping and parts have been on order since the first of August.
  6. That is a great idea. We should at least try it and see how well it is received by the members and if the turnout is good at least do a couple of these events a year. I don't see the increased entry fee, Ben mentioned, is unreasonable for event like that. There is a National procedure that needs to be followed if an autocross event is conducted on a race track. The National Office will have to review the event plan and approve it. Many decades ago, the San Francisco Region held a couple events on the Streets in the City of Vallejo and a couple of events at Sears Point (now Sonoma Raceway) using turns 1 through 6 and finishing up on the drag strip. Those events were well attended. After those events were held, the National Office created rules for autocross events held on tracks at racing facilities. If the rules are followed they (National Office) will approve the event. An event of this nature will require someone experienced at each corner station and excellent radio communications for track operations. For track safety, separate radio channels for track operations, grid operations, and calling in car numbers at the starting line is imperative. Also, an experienced person should be utilized for each work group for overseeing/observing the track operations for safety in case a car spins or is not moving to callout the red flag to all stations. The lesson learned from the Sears Point event was do not put in high speed chicanes or slaloms on the straights because it will upset the balance of the car and cause an unsafe/castistrophic incident. It was safer to allow the car to travel at higher speeds allowing the car to stay in a straight direction in a braking zone into a turning maneuver. The best thing to do was pinch down the entrance and exits of all the turns to keep the speed safe. If the straights were too long than a slow speed/tight chicane, dog leg, or slalom were used to keep the high speeds down to something relative safe and still have the fun-factor.
  7. If I recall, SCCA will add the City of Glendale as an additional insured and if my memory serves me right, there may not be an additional charge. Now, the workman's comp is another issue. I don't know if there is a separate insurance coverage for workman's comp for one person for one day amount available. I think that should be checked out or talk to the City of Glendale Risk Management and see if there is something that they can do by adding the coverage and what would that cost be and maybe they can add that cost to the contract. Now, I can see why the cost was only $50/hour. Over 16 years ago, contracting for law enforcement services was well over $150/hour and that covered the Officer's overtime, vacation, returement, and sick leave costs, administrative costs for the paperwork and Exec. Management review and approval, legal review, officer's uniform cleaning, vehicle cost and maintenance, etc. to ensure there was no indirect or direct costs to the contracting agency.
  8. Wow, that's pretty damn cheap. If that cost can't be covered by additional entries, increasing the entry fee another $5.00 is not unreasonable. The current entry fee is pretty reasonable as compared to what other Region's charge for an entry fee. Before I moved here 2 1/2 years ago, it's been decades since I saw a $35.00 entry fee.
  9. I started autocrossing in an era like Scott did, over 35 years ago with the Porsche Club and SCCA, 250+ cars at an event days with 8 run groups, and with an Awards banquet that everyone dresses up or at least wear a collared shirt, bring their spouse, have a nice dinner, and collect their hardware for the season. There was always a break between your run and work groups so you can either watch other drivers run or swap lies with your friends or show your friends all your secret go-fast parts on your car. In those days, you usually spend the whole day on site because it was a social event inner-mixed with a couple minutes of some competition. After the event, most people hung-out for the BBQ and swap some more lies, than go home so they can get some rest to come back the next day and do the same thing. I sure would like to see the social aspect of autocrossing at the events. I know the BBQ may be a problem at AMP but, a year-end awards banquet would be nice.
  10. It's kinda like trying to put the Genie back into the bottle, right!
  11. There are other Region's that do weekend events a month with each day being separate events. The course is run reversed on Sunday from Saturday's course. The course is usually setup on either Friday or early Saturday morning and torn down on Sunday. After Saturday's event, the start and finish areas are modified for Sunday's course which requires minimum effort. AMP is not like Marana whereas, the course can stay set up overnight. This concept would allow for two events a month with the effort of only one course design/setup. The registration process can be just as easy for the two days. Drivers that sign up for the two days would sign up for the two days would use the same run group and grid spots for the two days. Drivers that only sign up for one of the days would be assigned the next available grid spot for the day they elect to run. This has worked very well in other regions for many decades and can worked very well for this Region.
  12. Will anyone know before this Friday when registration opens if the event will be at Marana? Just curious.
  13. San Francisco Region use to average 250-300 entries per event with 8 run groups years ago. The workers were changed on the fly and there were two grids and the downtime between run groups normally didn't exceed 5 minutes. And there was a course walk between run groups 4 and 5 which lasted only about 15-20 minutes.
  14. I don't think there are very many Peace Officers would act on their own these days. Some agency have policy regarding Officers working in a Security capacity. Some allow it and some may not. Also, if an Officer does act on their own, the officer may not be covered by workman's comp or liability insurance if an incident should occur, the Officer would be on his own. Some Officers may not be willing to take that chance. Some Departments will contract for such services than an Officer would be covered in case an incident should occur but, those contract services would be very expensive.
  15. In my past experience, Police Training Facilities have been ideal and a lot of work to teardown in order to setup the autocross course and set backup after the event. I'm sure the cops won't entertain the idea of tearing down on Friday and setting back up on Monday morning for the benefit of autocrossers. Also, most police training facilities have some training course elements in the way such as skid pans and/or traffic lane control signal devices. After you factor in the paddock for not just for cars but, for truck and trailers and grid areas you won't have significant space for a decent course
  16. Which gate for this event? I checked the Website and event calendar didn't see which gate for this weekend.
  17. I gave a good Hoosier A7 335-30-18 tire with more than half life left and the date code is "5220". Is anybody interested in this tire? I hate to chuck it since there is a lot of life left in the tire. I won't have any use in this size anymore. The other three tires on the car are toast. This tire was purchased a few months ago to replace a tire that was punctured with a nail and that is why there is still a lot of life left in this one tire. The price is right and you won't be able to get a better deal unless the person giving away the tire is giving you money to take it. Unfortunately for you, I'm not giving out any money to give it away. Let me know if you are interested by Tuesday morning.
  18. Jason: The top shock mount type for my C5 ZO6 were all stud/post type mounts for all 4 corners.
  19. One way to resolve the mad rush when registration opens up is, have all drivers in the same class run together and divide the classes evenly into the given number of run groups and rotate the run groups for the next event. I.E. if run group 1 or A, has classes SSR, PAX, STX, ESP, CP, (the respective ladies run with the open classes) at the upcoming event than they would rotate to run group 2 or B for the following event. Run group 1 or A will work for run group 2 or B, and run group 2 or B will work for run group 1 or A. You will still have your morning and afternoon sessions but, the run groups will change for each event. This concept would eliminate the mad rush to pick a run group and allow for registration to open up well in advance. This could also resolve the problem with the volunteers that sign up for the same run group whereas, you don't have enough workers working the designated work group. All the volunteers don't run in the same class at this time.
  20. My Corvette was happy with the course and I, as the driver, was just along for the ride. I can't speak for the other Corvettes but, I assume they like the course too.
  21. I assume that the upcoming event will be on the Fall run/work schedule whereas, A works for C and the site gate opens at 7AM? Just checking.
  22. Outstanding. Thank you. Are we going to use the South Gate?
  23. I hope the September event is looking good for Marana. Any word if the event will be held at Marana? Just curious because decision time is approaching fast.
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