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  1. Correct. This would be legal for STU regardless of diameter as it is considered part of the air inlet/intake.
  2. The throttle body and injectors take you out of any kind of street touring so the next class progression for this car I believe would be DSP.
  3. You appear to be registered to run in A so therefore you work in B group. Once you do your work assignment, your done for the day.
  4. Oh Scott also forgot to mention he's piloting something new (he's been dialing it in this past summer at Marana). Noticed a 2017 Golf R classed in STH, it should be in STU (older less powerful Golf R is an STH car though.
  5. Lots of good ideas being thrown out here. I would suggest attending one of the upcoming SC meetings with a list of ideas/proposal on how the region could support these events. Yes these events have been done in the past, but logistically there were more options other than AMP to choose from.
  6. This has to be an error, otherwise we all need to quit if a GS car is raw timing everything:
  7. Not getting that 43 and being so close was a slap in the face, hence the fbomb LMAO
  8. 44.07x run. The last left before the finish got me every time.
  9. Unless you plan on running at national events, vinyl/magnetic numbers are not needed for the local stuff here.
  10. Not true. The course is setup following the course design as best as possible within the given boundaries. It is then adjusted to appease safety above all else before preferred line, which is often why setup takes longer as safety stewards find things here and there that aren't always apparent on the gridded course map.
  11. A052s will probably last longer on that STX car with camber vs the GTI with no/weak camber, so not really an apples to apples comparison. The A052s will also likely will wear into oblivion on the GTI before the Toyobaru does. I'll be testing the RT660s this weekend and hopefully get a synopsis on how they compare to the Rival 1.5S's and the RE71Rs on a FWD with some decent camber. My guess is they will probably wear like the RE71R's, but I'm hoping they can handle a bit of over driving like the Rivals and A052s.
  12. The last of the remaining RE71Rs are starting to dwindle away...
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