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  1. Upping the boost doesn't matter as long it's from the result of the tune and not mechanical, i.e. no external wastegate, manual boost controller, etc. Tunes are very difficult to police so it's pretty much whatever, unless of course you are running a tune that isn't pump 91-93 ish, but e85 or similar. Then that would bump you out of Street touring entirely unless flex fuel was an OEM option out of the factory which I don't believe your BMW would fall under.
  2. https://www.scca.com/downloads/60877-2022-solo-rule-book-1/download
  3. Thanks Jason for getting the results up. We know you and Jay have been very busy touring the west coast's Pro Solo's and Champ tours.
  4. Another good option is the Kumhos V730 if they have your size. They are the cheapest out of all the current EP tires, and are almost as fast. From my experience they seem to wear better than the Falkens, and for sure much better than the A052.
  5. The registration crew can make the corrections once registration is closed and assignments/run groups are finalized.
  6. Great driving this weekend Morgan! A lot of hardware went home to the Phx/AZBR crew this weekend. Great driving by everyone that came out. I feel super fortunate to be a part of a region with such high caliber talent.
  7. 50.149 run. Its crazy that some of the course features allowed for 1.2+ g's
  8. Thanks for posting them up so quick!
  9. Coilovers put you into at minimum, STR
  10. If it's nothing more than a catback exhaust then I would say CS.
  11. It was a challenging course for sure and I had a tough time being patient enough to keep things tight in some of the elements especially the last left handers before the finish.
  12. BFG Rival 1.5 S take off's from my STH prepped Focus ST. Wear is pretty even with the majority of it on the outside shoulders. Still some life left in them. 100 bucks for the set of 4 and can bring to AMP this weekend if you run in C or D group. SOLD
  13. I'll have some input on the V730s this weekend.
  14. So for those that buy tires from tirerack, since discount tire effectively owns tirerack now, they will honor just the cost of mounting, which is $22 per tire. I just paid 88 bucks today to have some kumho v730s mounted and my old rival 1.5 S's dismounted.
  15. No worries. On a side note, you guys that are running in SM that run 200tw tires should think about moving to XS-A since the PAX is more forgiving than the hoosier PAX'd SM class.
  16. If it was just a regular Veloster, and not the "N", then yes indeed STH. If it was a Veloster N on coilovers, then it would be STU.
  17. Ethan Rose 2020 Mustang isnt an STH car. If it was stock it should be FS
  18. This is an excellent find, especially for those people who refuse to even look at the rulebook and do a CTRL-F to see which class their car actually pops up in the search. Example: I just typed in a car I typically get classing questions asked about a lot and there are 7 results. The tool found is very useful but just as Tom mentioned, still reference the rulebook to be sure (especially when modifications are in question.)
  19. Mr. King! Welcome back old timer! Dont forget to add your name to your signature for those that dont know or remember you.
  20. No problem Lance. I know it adds more time for the guys doing timing and scoring at the end so if classes are at least correct, that's one less thing to worry about.
  21. Not sure if classing errors want to be addressed now to help with scoring later, but here are some: A35 Russel Ostergaard 2019 Civic CS -should be GS if it's an SI, HS if not B20 Yue Zhao 2018 Accord STS -should be in STH B29 Mingzhe Liu 2015 Ford Fiesta FS - Should be HS B30 Ao Li 2018 Civic Type R STH- should be STU
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