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  1. Pylon Press is now live on the club website and can be viewed by the link below. Thanks again to Brian Miller for putting this together a great read as always! https://www.azsolo.com/pylon-press-fall-event-2-2022/
  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for putting on an awesome event yesterday at a great venue! I am excited to run there again next month and going forward. I have a slight timing issue for yesterdays event that I mentioned to timing yesterday but did not get corrected. Who would be the best to reach out to? Issue: All of my times are actually Stephen Kings times and his times are mine. (Both Comp runs and TO).
  3. Pylon Press is now available on the club website. Thanks again to @Brian Miller for putting this together we appreciate all of your efforts. https://www.azsolo.com/pylon-press-fall-event-1-2022/
  4. Looks great can’t wait to see it at the next event!
  5. Awesome thanks for posting the TO results!
  6. Saturday was the first time we have run a full day event since the beginning of 2020 (pre covid) and personally I would like to say thanks to all who organized the event for their efforts to return to this format. Personally I was able to jump into different car's for ride alongs throughout the day, had plenty of time to socialize with new and old faces that previously would not have been possible in the AM/PM format and enjoyed having a second go at the course in the time only runs, where I was able to correct mistakes after talking with others after my initial runs. It was great to see our community as a whole once again rather than split. I hope that you all enjoyed the format as much as I did, looking forward to more events like this in the future!
  7. Awesome photos @PhilVeitch Will be sure to pick up a few shots this week! Appreciate you coming out once again!
  8. @smeyers Great idea, I just added a couple of light colors to the store πŸ™‚ https://www.azsolo.com/product/baseball-cap-black-text-phoenix-az-solo/
  9. We have all walked through paddock and seen the old solo shirts but we've created a new region so where's all the cool gear? Well I am pleased to announce that the new Club Goodie Store is now live on the club's website. We have a wide range of items with more sure to be added as time goes on. All items are made on demand from a third party company so we won't have stock of anything on site, whilst this can be a bit of a bummer it means we can be flexible with items, designs etc. So if you have an idea for a cool shirt, or new product reach out to myself or a member of the Steering Committee and we can work to get it up on the site! Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend, and next month in some new gear! Goodie Store - https://www.azsolo.com/shop/ Cheers
  10. Thanks for the detailed update @SSLance, looking forward to getting back to full day events!
  11. Also available on the clubs site, https://www.azsolo.com/pylon-press-winter-event-4-2022/
  12. Was great to see so many people from Phoenix AZ Solo region make their way up to Las Vegas this past weekend for the National Tour event. Has anyone published their videos to youtube yet? Figured I would start a thread of videos here πŸ™‚
  13. The latest edition of Pylon Press has been published on the website, thanks again to @Brian Miller for putting this together! https://www.azsolo.com/pylon-press-winter-event-3-2022/
  14. Surely i'm not the only one here who has been grinding through GT7, figured id see if anyone else was. If you are interested in jumping online to rip around some courses drop your PSN username below. Would be fun if we could get a decent group of AZ Solo folk in a lobby to race. My PSN is MorganTaylor193
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