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  1. Posting an update on behalf of Jason that the series will be posted by the end of next weekend (i.e. Sunday June 13th). Unfortunately some of Jason's commitments outside of autocross have been eating up most of his free time and energy. Thanks everyone for you patience and as a reminder this club is run by volunteers (and we are always looking to recruit more help). Thanks, Kevin
  2. As many of you are probably aware the SC was in the midst of some recent changes with Dave Hurt stepping down from the Director role, Derek Bellamy transitioning from the Treasurer role and Shawn Warner resigning as Chief of Waiver. I’d like to thank not just these 3 but all the members of the SC (past and present) for all their contributions to the club. It takes these people and their assistants putting in a lot of hours, before, during and after our events to make our club and events successful. Efforts are underway to update and modernize our web page and this information and other
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