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  1. This would either require the people that do all the things to make these events happen to work 2 days over a weekend. When I first started autocrossing 20+ years ago I wondered why we didn't have more then one event a month. At that point the club was running split morning/afternoon event with TO's in the afternoon group. I figured out that if I registered for the afternoon and signed up to do teardown I could get 2 sets of runs, only eat up half my day and not have to do back to back run/work for 4 groups. That led to me being recruited into Asst Equipment Chief. Fast forward to today, I try to get there before gate open to make sure setup serves smooth, serve a event chair throughout the event and still find myself helping with teardown at the end. I no longer wonder why don't we do 2 event a month. This is not meant to sound like a rant or complaint but please remember this is an all volunteer run organization and we are constantly looking for volunteers to help cover critical areas. The only we we could put on more events is with more of these people. If anyone is interested please reach out to a member of the SC>
  2. Classing corrections happen after the preregistration process. On-site registration will catch some of those but the I believe most corrections happen as part of the post event results posting process. Regarding work assignments leading you to be waitlisted, it is my understanding that MSR will show the work position as full/waitlisted in the registration page. At that point one should select an open position if they’d rather have that work position vs the one that is already filled. Also, keep in mind work assignments are not guaranteed as sometimes event logistics require us to adjust that. We are still adapting to differences in MSR vs our previous MTC based systems. Ultimately our goal is a process that enables smooth event operations while being as fair as possible considering limited supply vs demand. Lance has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to enhance the process and I can’t express enough appreciation to all the people that are working and have been working registration. It is a very demanding assignment to balance what is needed to run a successful event and still be as accommodating and fair to all.
  3. Draft results for the event are available via the Live Timing link on the home page. Please note for the most part we only have everyone's fastest time loaded but feel free to reply here with any timing correction requests. We are still working to get the results loaded to the normal results link on the web page but it may be Sunday or even Monday before that is resolved. Thanks, Kevin
  4. Update on results. We are working on getting them up today but it may sometime this weekend. Once results are up please bear in mind they are draft results and based on the paper timing sheets so they may require more clean up then usual. Apologies for the delay and issues, our electronic timing and scoring system crashed and on top of that our Chief of Timing and scoring is out of town with limited phone and email access.
  5. On October 4, 2021 the SCCA Board of Directors met, discussed, and approved the formation of Phoenix AZ Solo Region to conduct events in Maricopa County, AZ which has been ceded by Arizona Region for this purpose. Per SCCA Bylaws and Operations Manual the Region has been provided a Provisional Charter. More information will be forthcoming from the SCCA on this. In addition, we will be providing more information on how to join and support this new region. Communication channels will include this forum, our website, drivers meetings, email, Pylon Press and social media. For the reasons behind this change and the efforts to get us to this point are available in this forum post, August 2021 SC Meeting Minutes and the Phoenix AZ Solo Region Formation Announcement in the News section of the website. Many thanks to Kim Kemper, Chris Groppi and Steve Eymann for all the time and legwork that they have put into this process.
  6. Due to the event being on Saturday versus Sunday registration will close one day earlier then originally listed on MotorsportsReg. It is now closing Wednesday Oct 13 at 11:59 PM MST. This is somewhat a moot point as the event is already full with people on the waitlist for the morning and the afternoon.
  7. A big thanks to Lance for all his work handling both online registration and working Tech at the events. Registration can be a tough assignment as you have to deal with people who are sometimes disappointed that cannot get their run group preference, work preference or the like.
  8. For those used to Mind the Cones, MotorsportsReg works a little different. If you want a guaranteed spot you need to select something that has open spaces. No way to guarantee someone will cancel their registration in B to open up a spot for you. Also, if you are not 1st not first not he wait list you would need multiple people to cancel. Some groups are in high demand, especially with the split morning/afternoon. Last event morning was real popular due to the heat in the afternoon. This event should be much cooler, forecast currently for the mid-80's. Balancing run groups can be tricky, we need to ensure sufficient worker coverage (both during the run group and other assignments that need to happen before or after the event starts). Balancing I'm gonna throw in a paid announcement here pointing to my thread looking for T&S and waiver help for different run groups. We'd like to build up some core groups that always work those spots in the same run groups. That will allow us to make sure we have people trained up in those areas which will help our events flow much smoother.
  9. To send a message via the forum click on the mail icon on the top right and select "compose new". Chris, are you driving a 2013 VW Beetle in this event? There is also someone registered as a guest. Regarding the signature line, having something that indicates who you are is either a rule of the forum or is supposed to be. Can be your first name, last name and in your forum name or your signature. The intent is that these forums support in person activities and we want people to be able to connect the real life person to the on line person.
  10. We would love to get AMP to switch to a digital waiver like SpeedWaiver or something but currently they want/need to stay with paper.
  11. Another change for this event, AMP waivers are now available to sign onsite so you do not need to print at home and sign. In fact AMP prefers that you sign onsite as it reduces the paperwork burden on them. Having said that if COVID-19 concerns are such that you prefer to print and sign at home that option is still open to you.
  12. In an effort to improve how events run we are looking to recruit some regular people to help with Waiver and Timing & Scoring during run groups. To work Waiver you must be an SCCA member (i.e. annual not weekend). For Timing & Scoring we are ideally looking for people that have done this job with us before. If you are interested in helping in either of these areas please send a message via the forum to me and cc: Faith Hare (Waiver) JBucki (Timing and Scoring) We are looking for people to help this event and long term. Thanks!
  13. That is correct, sorry we had to move you (and everyone else we had to move) to the afternoon, it was the only way to get worker coverage balanced to ensure the event ran smoothly.
  14. Thanks Josh! And thanks to Matt Underhill as well. Afternoon entries were light and we had a lot of early setup people in groups A and B which made it more of a challenge then usual to ensure we had adequate worker coverage for the event to run smoothly. The work they put in getting this setup should pay off with a smoother running event!
  15. As some of you may already be aware the SC has been working in coordination with Rick Meyers (SCCA Senior Manager, Region Development) for some time to improve alignment and coordination with the AZ Region as a whole. As a result of these efforts it was decided by all involved in this process, including the SCCA Arizona Region Board, that the best path forward was to have the autocross portion split off into a new region. We have started the process to create this new region and the needed paperwork and signatures have been submitted to the SCCA for the formation of a new region to be called Phoenix AZ Solo Region. More info is available in the August 2021 SC Meeting Minutes and the Phoenix AZ Solo Region Formation Announcement posted on the website. I am also including the text of the announcement in this post as it contains some important additional information about this change. Many thanks to Kim Kemper, Chris Groppi and Steve Eymann for all the time and legwork that they have put into this process.
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