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  1. I have a Shoei Qwest helmet that is supposed to be M2015 certified but I dont have that sticker, it just says "snell certified" on the back. Is that an issue?
  2. Also I had a short thread in the classing forum and it was discussed i should do the new class XS-A/B. I dont see that listed, so for now im just going to register as SSP.
  3. I guess we'll have to take a shot at group A then. How does the wait listing work?
  4. Hello! A friend and I want to come for the spring event, itll be his first time ever, and my first time in a long time. We both need to be sound checked but A & B are full, is it possible to come early and clear tech and sound and leave and come back for C & D? Or is it possible to go to AMP on saturday and get sound checked? Thanks!
  5. I will be bringing my recently purchased 2005 Lotus Elise to the January event! I believe i have it correctly classed as A-street Prepared, as it has an aftermarket rear spoiler, and I *think* a catback exhaust. What do you guys think?
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