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  1. Hello Dave, Brian (B13) and I (B12) are co-driving the same car. Can you space us out in that run group? I'd still like to go ahead of Brian if possible. Thanks, John Prieve
  2. Do you what to sell the roll bar? What brand/model roll bar is it? Thanks
  3. The two day event was truly awesome! Thanks to all the folks that made it happen.
  4. Thats odd, MotorsportReg.com shows there are 95 entries. Dashboard Calendar My Account Billing Blog Attendee List 1 AZ Solo Autocross Fall Series Event 2 SCCA - Arizona Region - Solo Saturday, October 17, 2020 Arizona Motorsports Park, Litchfield Park, AZ Competition Groups 95 ENTRIES
  5. For course workers, could you post the station numbers ahead of time online? Things might go faster and we could avoid standing in line (lack of social distancing) waiting for an assignment. Last minute changes could be announced over the loudspeakers or radio.
  6. What the event plan for Musselman? I clicked on the link and it lists four run groups, A, B, C, D. With only 50 people attending, are they going to switch to two run groups like Phoenix? How about time onlys?
  7. The current entry list is 99 people, but registration is closed.
  8. If your car does not have a sound sticker already, you MUST register in either A or B group, there will be no sound tests in the afternoon.
  9. John

    PCA Autocross at AMP


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