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  1. Awesome images! Thank you for enduring the heat all day. Hope to see you again.
  2. https://veitchcreative.smugmug.com/Car-Racing/SCCA-Solo-Batch-Two/
  3. I understand in the afternoon session, someone was taking photographs. Can someone provide a link to the photos? Thanks
  4. In February 2021, I took the Grand Prix course when it was still called Bondurant. On the 4th day, we got to use the 717 HP keys in our Hellcat Widebodys. Driving the Hellcat on the autocross course with 717 HP and all the electronic nanny's turn off gave me the confidence to turn off the nanny's in my own car. I would recommend the classes for everyone, especially teenagers. The teen course is the same as the performance driving course, but half the price. It's still not cheap, but it's a lot cheaper than the increase in insurance rates if your teen gets in an accident. After the 3 day course, my son's confidence and driving skills improved noticeably. Four years after taking the teen course, he hasn't had an accident but most of his friends have.
  5. I'd recommend Discount Tire. They can do touch-less mounting and road-force balancing. They flipped and re-balanced my RE71R tires for free. Discount Tire will match Tire Rack pricing.
  6. The following 'autocross 101' from the Sierra Vista club might be helpful; https://www.sierrasportscarclub.com/autocross-101
  7. What is the date code on the tires and how have they been stored? Thanks
  8. Can you post an Excel file of the results here?
  9. What do you guys think of the Tenhulzen Automotive 2 Wheel Alignment Tool? It's not too expensive and says you don't need turn plates. https://www.amazon.com/Tenhulzen-3300-2-Wheel-Alignment-System/dp/B00PKI0YSU Unlike Lance's experience, my 2019 Miata is not stiff at all and the driving's weight changes the camber readings quite a bit. The next time I went to the alignment shop with my 1992 Miata, I put weights in the driver's seat.
  10. Based on everyone's suggestions, I am thinking the rim mounted Longacre 52-78298 camber/castor gauge and the 52-79501 toe plates would be a good choice. How do you align the back to the front using a laser? Has anyone tried oil or grease inside a garbage bag as turnplates? Sounds messing but might work.
  11. Would like to start aligning our Miatas. Any tool recommendations, toe plates, camber, castor gauges, etc? Any advice from someone who is doing their own camber, caster and toe? Thanks
  12. Hello Dave, Brian (B13) and I (B12) are co-driving the same car. Can you space us out in that run group? I'd still like to go ahead of Brian if possible. Thanks, John Prieve
  13. Do you what to sell the roll bar? What brand/model roll bar is it? Thanks
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