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  1. That makes sense, thanks for the reply. I hope so too, inherited it from my parents a couple years ago, used to be my mom's daily driver when I was in elementary school in the 70's (actual SS 396 4 speed car). They took it off the road in 1984, and then my dad took it apart, so I have been putting it back together. Can't wait to drive it for the first time. 😉
  2. Hello Az Solo Members! My name is Eric Evans, and I am a past member of the club (very past, about 20 years ago) back when we ran the Firebird Skid Pad and I campaigned a '92 Taurus in HS. Unfortunately life got in the way and I had to drop out, but hoping to come back in the near future with a '67 Chevelle I'm working on. Anyways, I am the owner of The Backyard Mechanic LLC. and am an Independent AMSOIL Dealer and wanted to discuss a possible Vendor relationship to the club that could be mutually beneficial for both of us. My initial thoughts would be that I would set up a booth at events where competitors could have access to AMSOIL products as well as providing a tool loan service. I looking forward to hearing feedback from the competitors, and the Steering Committee.
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