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  1. Checking in to see if the COVID-19 Restrictions for vendors has been lifted as my current contract is ending and I would be available for your December event and beyond. We are now carrying both AMSOIL and Lucas Oil products and we vend them at events 10% under MSRP, so we are generally cheaper than the big box auto parts stores and significantly cheaper than Summit Racing. Looking forward to hearing feedback from the competitors, and the Steering Committee.
  2. That makes sense, thanks for the reply. I hope so too, inherited it from my parents a couple years ago, used to be my mom's daily driver when I was in elementary school in the 70's (actual SS 396 4 speed car). They took it off the road in 1984, and then my dad took it apart, so I have been putting it back together. Can't wait to drive it for the first time. 😉
  3. Hello Az Solo Members! My name is Eric Evans, and I am a past member of the club (very past, about 20 years ago) back when we ran the Firebird Skid Pad and I campaigned a '92 Taurus in HS. Unfortunately life got in the way and I had to drop out, but hoping to come back in the near future with a '67 Chevelle I'm working on. Anyways, I am the owner of The Backyard Mechanic LLC. and am an Independent AMSOIL Dealer and wanted to discuss a possible Vendor relationship to the club that could be mutually beneficial for both of us. My initial thoughts would be that I would set up a booth at events where competitors could have access to AMSOIL products as well as providing a tool loan service. I looking forward to hearing feedback from the competitors, and the Steering Committee.
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