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  1. Not much new with this car. Just got some more tuning done on the dyno so at least I know it should run as it should. lol
  2. Perfect. I didn't seem to see it. Thank you!
  3. Is there a way to print the parent waiver for a minor to ride along so I can take it with me to the event? Only one parent will be at the event so I need the other to sign it before hand. Thanks!
  4. I also don't see Larry Hart on there. He was C15 and should have been novice I believe. Thanks again.
  5. Is there any way to see all our times? I went in the 48's three times but it has my best as 49.7. I don't recall hitting cones on three runs. Also My girl got 50.9 but this shows 53.1 for her. Thanks.
  6. I don't see a women's group. Is that correct? Leeann should have been in a novice women's AS.
  7. I fill up the wagon on the way to the track every time just to prevent this. It wasn't meant to feed the big motor though so anything under half take it will starve under hard turns. lol I also like the extra weight in the back.
  8. Can someone point me to where the real time results are now? Can't seem to find it. Thanks
  9. I'll be there with the wagon.
  10. lol. I like it. If I miss the first cone out of the turn I can keep going. hahaha
  11. I might be interested! Always liked the idea of designing courses.
  12. So I'm guessing you are able to slalom either side of the cones through the center section?
  13. Cool. Thought so. I'm a drag racer as well so if it even sprinkles it's canceled.
  14. Novice question but do we still run in the rain? Hope its clear by Sat. AM but looks like it might be slick for us morning groups.
  15. I figured Lance or someone that knows would reply. I saw what was posted but its not very clear. Figured people might want to know.
  16. That looks like the 14th. Regular event. The 13th is Test and Tune and not a regular event. Am I wrong?
  17. Do we know what time gates open for the March 13th Test and Tune?
  18. Thank you to all of you that make these events possible!
  19. I ran Novice all last year. Figured since I got third in a Novice with a CAM T car I should move out. I read somewhere if you are placing well every event you are ready to move from Novice.
  20. Leeann and I were both 1 spot away from a trophy. Lol. Ill be moving out of novice so not going to be getting that close again.
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