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  1. Thanks! Good to know. I'm gonna have to skip this one after all, had some medical stuff come up and not going to make it unfortunately.
  2. Ugh, I now really want to buy the Konis, but I think it's gonna have to wait. My car needs a carbon cleaning and fuel injectors to the tune of $1300, which I wasn't expecting to pay for until now. πŸ™ƒ
  3. Thanks! Good to know I don't have to worry then. I got an update from the mechanic already and the car should be good to go tomorrow or early next week.
  4. I was hoping to make it for the June 26th event at Musselman, but not sure if I'll be able to make it depending on what's causing my GTI's misfire and how long it'll be to fix. Does registration for Tucson events typically fill up fast like it does for Phoenix area events? Or would I probably need to register as soon as it opens this Friday to get a spot?
  5. I've got an appointment set with my regular VW mechanic to drop it off tomorrow already. Luckily the misfire isn't too badly affecting driving right now, but gotta stop it quickly. When I was close to broke in 2020, I drove it for a few weeks, including to and from California and Arizona, with a misfire. Not too worried, but concerned as to what it might be and how badly my wallet will hurt afterward. πŸ˜†
  6. Well, might have to scrap the idea of getting shocks and struts entirely. I fired the car up and turns out that shaking it's doing is actually the drivetrain, it's got a cylinder 1 misfire. This is what I get for driving an old VW. πŸ™ƒ
  7. Thanks for the tip! I'll look into Proparts then and compare to Tire Rack. I've heard of them before; didn't realize Jeff and Nicole ran it! Knowing I only have until the end of June is good to know as well, since Tire Rack didn't make that clear on their site. That's exactly what I needed to know. And thanks for the advice on the control arm bushings; however, all of them were replaced last year. I ran over a median on a Doordash order, snapping the bushings and throwing the steering out of whack to where alignment didn't help. πŸ˜… My mechanic replaced all the bushings last March, which fixed that issue.
  8. Absolutely! I might have to put the shocks off longer though; car is now shaking on the front at certain speeds after a 800 mile round trip. Gotta test if it’s just tire imbalance or if it’s gotta go to my mechanic for the millionth time. πŸ™ƒ
  9. Scott Urich said he'll be switching to Koni Yellows for his next go too; they're on sale from Tire Rack. National Champ titles too? Seems I've got my answer for suspension! Anyone have an idea what Tire Rack's "special" pricing means? I can't find anything about a sale or how long it goes on for, but it's a sizable discount of 20% off at least on the strut and shock set.
  10. Yep! Tire Rack and every other supplier for these shocks and struts is out of the front struts, but has the back shocks. My mechanic confirmed this is a reputable eBay seller as well for the Bilsteins, so I'd be fine to order from them. I'm checking with Scott Urich if he had a reason for recommending the Bilsteins vs the Koni, since he used to drive a MK5 GTI with Bilsteins on it. Tire Rack has Koni more readily available, and $100 cheaper for a set than the Bilsteins. I'm starting a new job at ASU I have to buy a $720 parking permit for, so I'm debating whether to get this done or not yet. πŸ˜„
  11. CORRECTION: They only have the driver side rear one. Thanks for the suggestion! I looked up CarID and they’re A+ BBB accredited. Problem seems to be a lot of stuff they sell is low quality junk. Too bad they only have the one corner, or else I’d order them there πŸ™ƒ. Maybe my mechanic can get a hold of them, it’s too hot for me to try to install them in my condo parking space anyway.
  12. I know of some illegitimate parts on eBay, so just wanted to see if anyone has experience with Bilstein products on there. B6s for my MK5 GTI are on backorder until July from dealers like ECSTuning and other online outlets; this listing purports to have them right now and ready to ship at the same price I'd find them from any other seller online. Anyone have experience buying Bilsteins, rather than just regular replacement parts, from eBay? https://www.ebay.com/itm/352080915419?fits=Year%3A2008|Model%3AGTI&hash=item51f9a86bdb:g:ltoAAOSw5cRZN7es
  13. Looking for a set of Bilstein B6 shocks and struts for a MK5 GTI. They’re backordered new, and I’d like to get some to compete in Tucson preferably sooner than with a shipping date of a month out. If anyone has them for sale or knows where to get them, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  14. Haha I was at a kickball game before the March event, changed out of them at the event for my standard driving/everyday shoes 😁
  15. I realized I also forgot to pick up my soccer cleats that I left behind in March... πŸ˜… I know there's a lost and found in one of the storage containers. If no one picked it up, they likely put it there if it was found.
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