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  1. Coming back to AMP for the first time since April 2019 with a new car! I drove it at Marana last month and forgot how much fun autocross was. A stock 2008 GTI with the only upgrades being tires, wheels and spacers is a big change from the 1990 STS Miata I used to drive. Shocks MIGHT be in the future, but don't have the $1000 or so budgeted right now for buying Bilsteins and getting them installed 😅.
  2. Found a helmet as well, no longer looking for anything.
  3. Thanks, no problem! I figured this would be the case. I'm planning on attending events regularly again in Phoenix, so I just picked up my own helmet today.
  4. Since the spectator part of the supplemental regulations has already been updated, are the supplemental rules about loaner helmets being unavailable still current then as well? Haven't gotten around to getting a new helmet yet.
  5. Tires and wheels are taken care of; still looking for a helmet though.
  6. Definitely interested! Just sent you a PM.
  7. Looking to pick up a set of 18-inch tires for a 2008 GTI in one of the dominant tread patterns; namely, Falken RT660, Yokohama A052 or Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R. Let me know what you have and the price; I'm looking for $400 or less if possible. I'm coming back after a 2 and a half year absence next month, and don't want my GTI running on the daily driver Continentals it's had on it since I got it last year. Also looking for a helmet with Snell 2010 or newer rating; if I remember correctly, my old helmet I used to have (got rid of it after I quit a couple years ago) was a medium. Let me know what you have, the cheaper the better. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, I checked the price on the Falkens and Yokohamas and compared them on Tire Rack for results. I think it's gonna be the Falkens for me when the time comes!
  9. Hey guys, it's T.J. Triolo. For anyone who might remember, my stepdad and I used to drive a flat black 1990 STS Miata from 2016-2019. In 2019, I felt like life priorities changed, quit autocross and sold the Miata. I graduated college and moved to California last year, only to find that I didn't have the money there to stay where I wanted long-term thanks to COVID shutdowns for businesses. I eventually started missing autocross, and planned to get into it in California again with my current car; it's a stock 2008 GTI with the DSG transmission. Since moving back to Arizona, I've now got a full-time PR job for a local car wash chain that I start in a couple weeks, and I'm planning to return to autocross for the fall series. Just got a couple questions as far as my car goes. First off, does anyone have a used set of performance shocks from a Mk5 VW they'd be willing to sell, or know someone who has some to sell? Also, what tire is the dominant one now? I checked Tire Rack and found that RE71Rs are on closeout, so I figured they're discontinued. Thanks for the help, and can't wait to get back out there!
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