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  1. I’ll be out until next season. Bought my Golf R with 24k on the odo. Rear differential unit (Haldex) destroyed the ring and pinion at 36,500. When I took it apart to see what actually broke, the differential side of the unit had no oil in it. On the bright side, it’s really a testament to German engineering when the unit lasted at least 12.5k miles with no oil in it after being stage 2 tuned and racing multiple 1/2 mile, drag strip, and SCCA events. Berge VW in Mesa worked with me on the price and was able to get me a new unit overnighted. Hefty price tag, but at least I’ll know the history of the unit - and yes, even though I was assured they come filled with oil, I checked. For someone not familiar with these Haldex units - there are two types of oil in this single unit. One side is for the clutch pack, the other is for the differential. It’s easy to mistake and easy to drain/fill the wrong side or no side - which is probably what what happened in my case. I installed it yesterday, but I’m giving it a break in period before I romp on it. Words to the wise: 1) when purchasing a used car, check everything!!! 2) if you can’t do the work yourself, take your car to someone who specializes in that make/model of car!!! See you all next season. Looking forward to it.
  2. I’ve used Tim from Super Duty. 602-819-8941. He’s responsive and personable. I’ve had three replaced by him, all by insurance. Not sure what his prices are out-of-pocket.
  3. You’re trying to take away my only advantage!!! (AWD). 😂 And this course was my favorite so far this season. First time I didn’t get lost. Haha
  4. I didn’t see the specific answer to my question in the rule book - am I permitted to remove my rear seat for weight reduction purposes in the STU class?
  5. Unless I’m missing something, AMP is in Litchfield Park, which contracts its police services through the City of Avondale. That would give us a few options for off-duty - Avondale, MCSO, or the Arizona Rangers. I mention the Rangers because the last Motorsports event I attended which mandated security hired them. They are not POST certified and have the same arresting powers as any ordinary citizen. Don’t know what any of them charge. I think a sit down with AMP to re-visit this issue is probably in order. This is a low security risk event since it’s family oriented and no alcohol is allowed. We are drawing a focused interest group with a specific rule set and guidelines in place. The participant/spectator expectations are made known well in advance. Unless someone is hell bent on causing problems, this is not a venue where typical security issues would be a concern.
  6. Thanks. Yeah, it’s expensive for what it is, but cheaper than a speeding ticket. I’ve gone a few times as spectator, but had it on my bucket list to drive it sometime. It’s worth doing once. If you’re planning on the December event, be sure to set an alarm for the registration date/time - it sells out quick.
  7. Fastest pass of the day: https://youtu.be/qxS3FxtCiA4
  8. There are 1/2 mile races this coming Saturday at the airport in Gila Bend. Spectators are $10. https://www.omegamotorsport.com/copy-of-noflyzone-arizona-1
  9. All of the modifications I’ve made to my car fall within the rules, but I want to make sure I’m interpreting one particular rule correctly. The rules for STU state: ”The air intake system up to, but not including, the engine inlet may be modified or replaced. The engine inlet is the throttle body, carburetor, compressor inlet, or intake manifold, whichever comes first.” I have an aftermarket “Turbo Inlet Pipe”, but I’m running the stock turbo. The inlet pipe has a larger diameter initial opening which connects to the intake, but necks down to the stock diameter compressor inlet diameter. This is allowable, correct? Thanks.
  10. That’s me with the Golf. I’m new, haha. Day after I registered I realized I may have made a mistake and changed my registration. Your post confirmed I made the right correction. Appreciate it! Since I’m posting, I have a quick question. I’m registered for the morning (need sound check), but have plans right after the morning session ends. Do morning drivers have afternoon obligations with the second group? If so, I won’t be making a very good first impression.
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