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  1. I've got a low mileage 2006 S2000 cat somewhere on one of the shelves in my garage as I've been running the Berk Hi Flow on my car since 2011. Honestly, I'd just put a Berk on there unless you need to pass CA smog for some reason.
  2. I've had Cordes do some work on mine and was very happy with them. No idea if they do transmission stuff though.
  3. As long as you keep the cat on you should be fine. Note that the intake you run can make a difference as well. Stock intake definitely quiets it down a bit.
  4. Jason, I was in my S2000, not my Vette. Please put in SPM.
  5. I'd probably run something like 28psi in the front and 26psi in the rear. Max the out the front camber while you are at it.
  6. Good to know on Discount pricing. Also, would like to hear your thoughts on the the 730s when you get a chance.
  7. I generally make the trip from Chandler to the Lift Shop as the price is good and they dont scratch my wheels.
  8. I use an AntiGravity ATX30 in my S2000 and it works great.
  9. The course flowed really well. Really enjoyed the higher speed elements.
  10. I prefer the Run Group selection vs forcing cars to run in the same group by class. This has been a big debate on here previously and Run Group Preference was the direction selected as drivers will just select a different class to get the group they want and that creates additional work to run the events. Stuff sells out quickly these days, not just AZ Solo.
  11. In the results, it shows Kate driving an STX car. She was in Ted's Lotus in DM. Can someone update the results?
  12. I agree with Scott on this. Cruz is not close but he does excellent work and doesn't scratch my wheels. For the Falkens on my S2000 I didn't feel like making the trip to north Phoenix and ended up with 2 of my wheels (PF01s) scratched.
  13. I'd contact Pro Parts USA and get the Koni Yellows. I have used them on multiple cars and they are a good entry level shock that is adjustable.
  14. It is possible that when our next Phoenix is held in September that the Covid policies will have changed. If that is the case, there are loaner helmets at no cost.
  15. The courses were very large and challenging - excellent courses. If anyone is on the fence, Tours generally have some of the best courses that you can experience. One thing to note, pretty much all street tires car were on Yokohama A052s. The only exception was DS which maybe had some leftover RE71s. So, go buy some A052s if you want to compete at a National event or you can drive like Brian.
  16. Scott, if you don't know what that is you are probably not the target audience 😆
  17. Could we copy over the favicon.ico so I don't have to keep looking at the Wordpress one?
  18. Thanks Kenny, I will do that as I need backups as I tend to forget the markers in my car and then they dry out pretty quick.
  19. I don't use turnplates. Sure they can be used, but you can get really close without them.
  20. I use the Longacre toe plates and the Longacre camber/caster guage. I've had them for 10+ years so not sure if the model numbers are the same. I also have a laser pointer that I use in addition to the toe plates for setting rear toe with relation to the front of the car.
  21. Chris, I came to buy a marker on Sunday afternoon, but no one had them to sell. Are they gonna be available in April?
  22. I don't know what you drive, but I've heard that the A052s put down power better so if you have a high HP car and care about winning get A052s. If you are cheap like me and just want to have fun on a decent tire get the RT660s like I have on my S2000.
  23. I went left each time, didn't try going to the right and really focused on trying to get to that first slalom cone as fast as I could. Even though the exit was more pinched, it didn't feel that tight in my car.
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