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  1. Hey, Someone mentioned to me that they thought the 6UL wheels I listed here were already sold and I think its because of the wording I used, "Set of four 949 6UL wheels in limited edition Beryllium finish that is no longer available." What I meant to say was that you can no longer purchase these wheels new from 949Racing (has to do with something about their manufacturer using their design to make knock-off fakes in Southeast Asia) Also, the finish on these wheels was a limited run. I didn't mention the size either, they are 17x9.
  2. Chris, which wheels are you interested in? The PF01's have been sold, but the beautiful and rare 6UL's from 949Racing are still available. If you want to come by for a test fit and you bring your own tools, I'm good with that. I'm currently in the process of moving, so I'm without most of my tools and jack stands and the like. Lou
  3. Here of pics of the different sets of wheels and tires on the car. Look at those 245's on the 949Racing 6UL's on that thing! So meaty!
  4. Set of four Enkei PF01 wheels with lightly used RE71R tires. Fitment was on a 2016 ND Mazda MX-5. Good for autox Street Category. See pics. Located in north-ish Scottsdale. Pickup only. $400. Set of four 949 6UL wheels in limited edition Beryllium finish that is no longer available. Light but big wheels that ran on the same 2016 ND Mazda MX-5. Shod with medium used GForce R1 tires in size 245/40/17. They fit, but barely. Saw 3+ G on track days with mostly stock ND (Koni Yellows). The pics don't show center caps because, you know, track days, but I have them. Also located in north-ish Scottsdale. Pickup only. $550. I'm no stranger to this group, I just haven't run in a while. Look up Street Category results pre-pandemic. Lou Young For more info on these items, email sweetloucifer@gmail.com.
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