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  1. Hey everyone, I want to apologize for leaving the event today abruptly. I was running out of fuel and went to get some only to find I was leaking. So I had to rush home. I hope this didn't cause any issues, and I'm sorry I had to miss my work schedules.
  2. Hey all, just curious how many more events till I can be out of the Novice class?
  3. Is anyone going to the Duct Take Drags at Tucson Drag way Oct 1st-2nd? There's going to be races Fri and Sat with a car show and other activities. I'll be out there in my 88 CRX! Don't be a stranger
  4. Just want to make sure there's no weather cancellations or issues with tomorrow's event...?
  5. Are we running in the AM again or the PM for the summer events?
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