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  1. Wheels are sold. The rest is headed to the local thrift store ..... Thanks Dave
  2. I haven't competed in Autocross for a few years so I have a few redundant parts and equipment for sale. Please look over the the list on the attached pdf. If anything interest you I'm assuming you can contact me by pm through this forum just like the old one? Thanks Dave Maxfield For Sale Listing.pdf
  3. Hi There: Try the guys at UPR Racing Supply. Their warehouse is in Tucson but they have a great team of folks at Desert Rat just off the US60 here in town. Check the link. This is an open face helmet but they have all sorts available .... yes some are in excess of $300, in fact way in excess! But there are some reasonable options like this one ... I've used this supplier for race suits, helmets, and various lubricants .... https://upr.com/series-194272-racequip-open-face-sa2015.html#! Good Luck DaveMaxfield
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