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  1. I believe I left my large white water jug at the track Saturday. Anyone find it?
  2. Outstanding photos! I had to grab a few!
  3. These are great! Looks like I got a wheel up on the competition! I’m going to put an order in this weekend!!!!!
  4. August, 9th 1998. I was 15 years old with a parents waver. Driving my Moms 1998 Pontiac Grand Am SE at South Oak Center in Springfield, Missouri. I was 3 weeks away from my drivers license.
  5. I’m confused because I absolutely signed up to run A and work B. Danielle signed up to Work A and Run B. Chris Simons.
  6. Just saw this… my wife Danielle is registered in Group A to work and Group B to run. We are running the same car and she’s 5’3” and in 6’4” so we are not running the same heat on purpose. this is Danielle Simons Registration
  7. Eyyyyyy, that’s my wife and I! Very nice newsletter!
  8. I tried. This forum is a bit rough to navigate. Not sure how to setup a signature. It’s Chris Simons.
  9. Well I can’t figure out how to direct message in this forum, but @JBucki, I helped out on timing for group B last time, I’d like to make a mainstay in that group. I am. Missing the November event unfortunately. But glad to do it. When I register, I put Other. In for timing
  10. Or, moments after just saying it is what it is, I Went ahead and got my wife and I a family membership. About 20 minutes later my wife and I get this. 😂😂😂 oh well. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe I’ll contact them so see if I can get credit.
  11. Chris Simons and Danielle Simons so no more applying the weekend membership to joining and becoming a member then?
  12. Well that’s an issue. I never filled out a form. It doesn’t give you that form when you register through the online event registration… Who should I contact in the club to try and get those numbers?
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