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  1. work C group and run group D show up for afternoon only
  2. (1) you must register your ride along as a guest during the MSR registration process (2) they must obtain a temporary SCCA membership to be in the car (3) they must have a snell rated 2010, 2015 or 2020 helmet Understand that drivers have priority over passengers to our rental helmets
  3. For those driving on Sunday AMP has a track event on Sunday so no AMP sound meter testing will be available, instead AZ Solo tech and AMP track personnel, during tech, will allow those vehicles without a sound sticker, they feel will likely pass sound to run provisionally. If they feel your car would likely fail sound you cannot run and your registration fee will be refunded. As previously communicated there is no need for anyone running in the afternoon to arrive in the morning for the track sound check. The vast majority of stock cars will pass sound and if your car has an AMP sound sticker and no alterations were done to increase exhaust volume you are good to go. Kim
  4. for clarity - drivers and their invited guests need to complete both waivers. Uninvited guests are not permitted at this event.
  5. yes they are not easy to find here is a link to the document area https://www.scca.com/downloads and a good overall guide on minor waivers in general:
  6. from the SCCA website SCCA_Minor_Notary_1068_09_2020.pdf
  7. never an option but the website was enhanced to show future events and they are on MSR. For example within MSR the go live date for Oct is displayed, see below, so please mark your calendars, or request MSR to send you a reminder
  8. Yes, finally time to have fun with cars. Registration opens at 8 tonight! https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/az-solo-autocross-fall-2021-series-event-1-arizona-motorsports-park-scca-058937
  9. not for this fall but have one planned for March 12
  10. As was mentioned in the Steering Committee’s recent announcement about creating a new SCCA region for our club "Phoenix AZ Solo Region" we are now asking for your support to make it a reality. What can you do? If your region of record is the Arizona Region, we are asking you to send a personal email to rmyers@scca.com (this is Rick Myers who is the SCCA National Rep for the Regions) that you support the creation of the new region (please reference the "Phoenix AZ Solo Region" in the email), you only need to have a one line communication like "I support the creation of the Phoenix AZ Solo Region". Also include your: (1) SCCA number member (2) full name (3) street address Please cc Kevin kvenisn@msn.com and Kim kkempvet@aol.com on the email as we are coordinating the email count with Rick. The new region creation is subject to the approval of the SCCA National Board of Directors, so the more support from our individual members we get the greater the chance the Board will approve it. Your email counts! Thank you for your support and for those that have already sent in their email, THANK YOU! AZ Solo Steering Committee
  11. no change guests must be pre registered visitors/guests cannot just show up and for clarity guests include family members, significant others etc
  12. 35 drivers max for each run group with four total run groups, A and B in morning and C and D in afternoon. Each driver can bring a max of 2 guests (first come first serve) with 29 guests max for morning and 29 for afternoon. Except as restricted by SCCA eligible minors can be a passenger. (helmet, waiver, required as before). Social distance and masks encouraged but not required.
  13. from the posted SC minutes: 4. Fall Series Discussed options for fall series format. SC approved motion 11-2 for: Retain split day format with 70 entrant cap for morning and afternoon Thus no TOs - extra runs instead for the Fall series during one’s 1/2 day at the event
  14. guests will be registered by the driver during the reg process, no walk on guests or visitors.
  15. It is hard to see where your tape measure is located on the front or rear tracks but SCCA requires using the middle of the tire not the outer edges.
  16. Next SC meeting is scheduled for July 15 at 6 pm and will be virtual. If you have a proposal please send to Kevin V or myself 7 days prior to the meeting so it can be distributed to the SC and added to the agenda for discussion/decision. Kim
  17. Paul Webmaster will be updating the prior novice page. Feel free to ask any questions in this forum in the interim. Kim
  18. Scott correct again these are un audited results, no comparison has been done against paper results, as I don’t have access to those. Just trying to get some information to competitors. Kim
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