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  1. Yes for PASR members only reg opens tonight at 8 am
  2. time to display the flag! visit the goodie store for other great PASR swag
  3. A few days before general registration opens Lance will send an email out to PASR members to announce pre-reg. If you have not done already you should create accounts (for any entrants) in MSR, which is the registration site we use for our events. http://motorsportreg.com When creating accounts be sure to list a vehicle in the the MSR “garage” and also list PASR in MSR as your region of record.
  4. also if your SCCA region of record is Phoenix AZ Solo there is early registration for members of our region
  5. AMP has their own separate minor waiver that needs to be completed. You can find it on the opening page of the website just click, print, complete it and bring to event
  6. After further conversation with them and to close out the Attesa discussion, at least for now, their fees are more than 7 times what our current facility charges us
  7. My understanding is Attesa is a private motor club with a (from their website) $25,000 initiation fee +$400/month as the price of joining their club. If there are any PASR members who are also Attesa members please let Brian Miller know so a possible approach could be discussed.
  8. Bill, very nice first course. Rewarded both aggression and patience and was fun and easy to see course. Look forward to next month’s effort. Kim
  9. Sorry about the car issues, I will inform Lance Kim
  10. webmaster will address in the mean time one can use the green register button (circled)
  11. oops that is the home page of Arizona Region not PASR
  12. just a note we will have Patrick the BBQ guy serving lunch from 11-1 $10 for a bbq sandwich, chips and a drink (cash only)
  13. at present AMP does not have a track event scheduled for that day so it is possible we will have a sound check
  14. All, please add a signature line to your account using your name or make your Forum name your real name. We like to get to know people and the use of fictitious names does not promote that. To add your name: To add a Signature line, click on your name in the upper right corner, then account settings, and then in the left box at the bottom is "Signature". Add it there. First and last name, and any other details (car etc) you wish to share with the group. If you still need help making that happen let me know and I will assist you in the process. thank you Kim
  15. As reflected in the SC minutes the Fall series will officially revert back to 4 comp run groups and 2 TO run groups. The SC will be meeting this week to discuss some process details on the change.
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