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  1. Michael Terrey (SS open) was running hoosiers needs to be moved to SSR
  2. C25 Jeff Gehrings STX times were listed in error under C24 (cruz - who was not at event) Jeffs best time should be 50.992
  3. All A reminder please, what was posted was not audited, and thus not official. When prelim results are posted you can bring up any corrections you feel are needed. Thank you Kim
  4. Regrettably we had scoring issues at yesterday's event and we apologize for those glitches. (lessons were learned and plans to address the issues are in the works). The timing/scoring crew is working on auditing the two sets of timing sheets then uploading into the results section of the website, please give them some time to audit and compile close to 140 entrants and 5 runs each. In the meantime, attached is one set of the timing sheets. First, these are not the official results. Second, they have not been audited against the other set of times. Once the results have been posted you will have the normal process of requesting any edits. So please do not post or request any corrections until the preliminary results are up on the website. Thank you for your understanding and patience Kim Oct SCCA results timing 1.pdf
  5. SCCA has announced today the junior kart driver program has been terminated
  6. From Brian Miller, enjoy the read Pylon Press Sept 2021.pdf
  7. As you correctly observed we are at about capacity on drivers per run group, there are no plans at present to increase the run size with the result then being fewer runs. The restrictions on guests will also likely continue for the near future as if we exceed 100 folks on site we need to provide security at the site per our contract with AMP. (which is both expensive and challenging to find sworn officers) My observation is that both a number of SCCA and PCA clubs have seen increased demand for autox events during the past year.
  8. Klayton fyi, from 8:00 to 8:02 pm thirty five folks signed up with another 5 signed up in the following 2 minutes.
  9. if you are looking to print off the new AMP waiver it will show up as a link on your MSR receipt you can also find the generic (no pre populated date/location) AMP waiver on the home page of the website labeled AMP waiver.
  10. A couple of changes that you need to be aware. First, after the Sept event, we started to explore options to increase the amount of time that cars can be on track and thus more runs. One option that AMP only agreed with yesterday was allowing us to do course set up on Friday before the Oct event. In keeping with that change, the schedule of activities for the day has also been revised. You may also notice the absence of sound testing as AMP has another track event the same day. Like last month our tech folks in agreement with the AMP crew will make the decision to let cars run provisionally. As a note, the vast majority of stock cars will pass sound. New Schedule 6:00 am Gates open only for Setup, Waiver, SSS, Etc. 6:30 am Gates Open for drivers and guests 6:45 am Registration opens 6:45 am Tech opens 7:00 am Course open for walking 7:15 am Novice Course Walk 7:35 am Registration and Tech close 7:45 am Course closed for walking 7:55 am Driver's Meeting 8:10 am First car off 11:30 am Morning Session ends 12:00 pm Gates open for afternoon session, Registration and Tech open 12:40 pm Registration and Tech close 12:45 pm Driver's meeting 1:00 pm First car off for afternoon session 4:00 pm End of event This change is only for the Oct event, after the event we will determine whether it was successful and if this can be an option for events that we can gain access to the skidpad the day before a future event.
  11. Just a reminder that registration for the Oct autocross will open Oct 1, 2021 at 8 pm. Also, AMP is now requiring a new minor waiver to be completed if you bring a minor on their site. Their minor waiver is posted on our website. This requirement is in addition to the SCCA minor waiver form that would also need to be signed.
  12. Chris reach out to them and cc me, I will support you getting the credit
  13. Thank you Chris Our understanding of the process is this. After the event has occurred the club and MSR sends information on the weekend membership and the club sends payment for the event insurance and the weekend membership fees. Once SCCA has received this information and payment they create a credit for your weekend membership that can be applied to a regular membership (credit is only good for 60 days). After this week I would suggest contacting membership@scca.com to confirm your credit. (please cc me on that email kkempvet@aol.com)
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