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  1. issue has been resolved locking this thread
  2. All, please add a signature line to your account using your name or make your Forum name your real name. We like to get to know people and the use of fictitious names does not promote that. If you need help making that happen let me know and I will assist you in the process. thank you Kim
  3. this thread was/is pinned
  4. at present no one has rented the track on our Dec date
  5. another approach get a free db app for your phone have friend stand 50 feet away (off the road) with the phone pointed straight at road with car passing at top of 2nd gear that should give you a pretty good indication of where your car is at remember 96 db is the AMP limit on getting a sticker
  6. Based on the AMP calendar there is a track event scheduled on Saturday so I would doubt we will be running AMP sound checks on the track
  7. Thank you Brian Miller for producing another great read! Pylon Press Oct 2021 Final (1).pdf
  8. this is a requirement under the AMP operating permit, AMP cannot unilaterally change it anymore than changing the sound restrictions they are under.
  9. “Or go back to 3 runs… if 3 runs = 200 attendees the club wins… if 3 runs equals 100 attendees, then have to figure something else out. But local events being sold out should not be common as we are experiencing.” The other variable with AMP is there is a hard cap of 200 on their complex. If we propose 200 attendees on the skidpad that effectively means AMP cannot rent out the road course. I would guess they will require us to rent the entire facility to make up for that loss of revenue, which would be substantially greater than the rent we pay for only the skidpad.
  10. Dave Per MSR, a year ago we had 116 entrants in Sept, 129 in Oct and 140 in Nov. In 2019 we had 111 in Sept, 112 in Oct, 107 in Nov. We are now running at 140 entrants. What changed besides covid is an increased demand, at least locally. Not saying that in the past we were not running 150+ cars but with TOs a portion of those 150 cars were obviously the same driver/car also doing comp runs. At the current structure all 140 are unique drivers with a good portion being newbies. That said the SC is looking at ways to increase the number of drivers without reducing the increased number of runs. One step in that direction was doing course set up, whenever possible, the day before the event. Kind regards Kim
  11. Update: Jim Baus says that as of today the old gate remains in effect but that could change at any time
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