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  1. Scott Please read my first post. Our goodie store “is in process” and Morgan is working out the details. Separate and apart from that SCCA has a vendor that we are using to place our new logo on a select number of apparel items. In the past, being a sub part of AZ Region we had no ability to have our solo logo on the SCCA merchandise. My limited understanding is there is a separate merchandise account.
  2. the region drop down only appears once you have select a specific item to purchase and you are selecting color and size. As best I recall you need to set up an account as that site “Region Gear” is not SCCA but a vendor selected by SCCA.
  3. that will be an item for our goodie store
  4. We now have PASR region logo items (hats, polos, t-shirts, etc) available for purchase on the SCCA website. On the main website under Menu select Shop then SCCAGEAR.com, then select Region Gear and when selecting your item (size, color and region) please note that Phoenix AZ Solo Region is the last region listed on the drop down (that is being addressed and in the next few days should be in the correct alpha position on that drop down). Note that our goodie store is in process and will offer even more items in the coming days, stay tuned!
  5. please let Phil post a link after all photos are loaded
  6. Morgan is leading the effort to bring back the goodie store and we are working with SCCA National to have the logo available on SCCA region items. More to follow
  7. Hats off to Morgan Lee for creating our region's new logo!
  8. guest restrictions remain in effect, you need to pre-register guests from MSR for everyone - please - guests not registered will not be permitted on site thank you
  9. if you wish to post in the forums please include your name in your signature or profile thank you
  10. our club accepts the following from the National SCCA website (2010 and higher Snell with other standards as indicated)
  11. From Brian Miller, another excellent edition of the Pylon Press Pylon Press Dec 2021 Final edition.pdf
  12. it is contained in your event receipt
  13. try: https://phxsoloregion.speedwaiver.com/gqgmo
  14. To move your membership to Phoenix AZ Solo Region (Region #117) as your Region of Record, you contact SCCA Membership via either email (membership@scca.com) or phone 1-800-770-2055 your request (include your SCCA member number, your name and the name of the new region) to make the change. Welcome aboard !
  15. we are in the last stages of launching a new logo
  16. for autox 2005 snell helmets expire end of this month
  17. Our region has been added to the MSR drop down
  18. you can either sign the AMP waiver on site or print, sign and bring to the event based on your COVID comfort level
  19. I would expect this to occur in the next few weeks
  20. Chuck yes you must be an invited guest to attend the morning session, last I heard we were at capacity (drivers and guests) but Lance can confirm Kim
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