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  1. Taking the Black STR Lite car back to factory stock. MeisterR's top of the line mixed use street/track coilovers., 32 way adjustable. Independent ride height and preload adjustment. Staggered Double Digressive Valves (SDDV) for a comfy street ride handles both high and low speed impacts. MeisterR.com website for full details, and Miata.Net for gushy fanboy reviews. They are actually quite good. A noticeable step up from the base Zeta CRD. 7kg front currently set to 13.25' ride height, 4.5kg rear set to 13.5" ride height. January 2020 build. Complete with shock dynos. About a dozen gently used events and about 6K road miles. Has the rear adjuster extensions for ease of adjustment. Retails New for $2,035.00 delivered to the Phoenix area for $1,275.00. Feb 2020 (Bronze) 949 Racing 6UL wheels 17x9" 4x100 includes unused center caps, aluminum centering rings etc. mounted with Bridgestone RE71R 245/40x17 at 6/32" tread depth. $650.00 More small stuff will be listed once I do an inventory. (Headlight Levelizer, adjustable end links, rear bar and so forth) Harry Berzes (miatab3@hotmail.com) 9Two 8-Three 7 Nine One Zero 65.
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