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  1. Great event. Thanks for all the hard work setting up and running it! -Chuck
  2. To my knowledge, no studies have been completed yet to show possible effectiveness of vaccines in reducing spread (especially now in view of those pesky mutations/varients) ! Now , if someone is truly suffering while wearing a mask, there may be an official workaround on that. I see a few people in stores w/out masks and wonder if maybe they use an official medical reason like COPD or asthma? I imagine that people w/out masks would simply just be expected to stay out of other people's faces in order to experience some personal relief.
  3. Figured others might be interested on keeping track of still more places to go since AZ is really suffering. I see AzSolo already has links to San Diego and Cal club but nothing for LasVegas or Rio Grande Region (RGR runs Farmington or UNM). Looked today 12/27/2020 and Rio Grande does not appear to want to run if they are limited to only 30 entrants, but maybe once we get into the Newyear they may try to do something. Rio Grande Region SCCA – Official Site for the Rio Grande Region SCCA (rgrscca.com) Las Vegas: In 2020 people from San Diego were going up to Las Ve
  4. Covairs are fun affordable solo cars. I ran one for years back in NER in the 1970's. Perhaps just a simple oversight that the Corvair wasn't written into the CAM rules. Covairs are relatively inexpensive to set up and can run very wide rims on all 4 corners w/out much bodywork mod (if any). While not very heavy, they definitely lack HP. I understand the very very best punched-out (2.9L?) flat sixes that are still reliable are only capable of about 200-230 HP crank at best. If you are serious about running and may be running out of AZ Region, it might be worth a letter to the SCCA for official
  5. Thanks for taking the time to provide all the info Kim. Please verify A or C-weighted scale, if you can. Or whom to contact at AMP? Choice of scale can sometimes make an even bigger difference than response speed setting. Getting my own meter again could pay for itself in wasted fuel cost of one round trip to AMP if I don't get to run. Not asking to substitute my own test for yours, just want to check and make changes before making the trip for best chance of sucess. BTW, just so you know my attitude: I would not piss and whine If I pass at home and don't at AMP. That
  6. You seem to have thought this out well already and it all seems fair to me. Just an idea: Some of us may have to travel long distances to get to AMP and THEN, AMP might possibly emit excess sound levels during tests, AND some people may want to try add-on mufflers- thus adding to time spent in sound check........ so might it be possible to do sound checks by appt. at some off-site location or at AMP on some other club's event day? This could also lower everyone's anxiety level trying to get it all done prior to an event. As an aside, I have spent years expriment
  7. Thanks for sharing your unfortunate but interesting story! Those are terrific pictures to go along with your commentary. -Chuck
  8. I did the frame and suspension redesign, conversion to the big motor, and most of the reconstruction. Feel free to IM me on technical questions. Aircraft quality welding, aluminum panel forming, and floor bonding were done professionally by Harrison Auto Dynamics I am running this ad for the owners, the Blanchard's. Tom will probably not be able to autocross any more in any car. -Chuck Selling: 1995 Red Devil F-Mod Solo car, spares, tools, and trailer. $20k additional spent in 2-year long rebuild/upgrades over original cost of car. Car and giant well
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