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  1. I used Prime Auto Glass. Out of pocket. They are on Yelp and give quotes in a message .
  2. Nice article. I'm happy when I see couples doing things they enjoy together too.
  3. 44.08, was my fastest comp run but messy at the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=744fQPfvuS4
  4. So if we print the tech form, fill it out and bring it with and already have a sound sticker are we good for the afternoon groups? I think so but I don't want to be wrong.
  5. I would love to bring my wife again. I'm sure there are others that have a partner that likes to go too. If there's no more restrictions on people per our rulers does this mean guests are allowed again and if not who says when that happens?
  6. Yes, thanks for the heads up. I was looking for a SA2020. I know a M2020 is ok but prefer an open face and most are full. The motorcycle helmets are a little less expensive. I tried Ridenow, there search function isn't functioning. I'll probably order a Conquest from Jeg's or Summit.
  7. Can anyone share some local shops that sell helmets? I found UPR in Tucson but they are a little far. I just need a cheap open face.
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