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  1. I'm still trying to get enough new parts to make the car close to how it was stock. Haven't even though about my 120k mile OEM coilovers yet. I don't do it for the points. I'm, here for the fun and I'm not a fast driver anyway. I might just keep signing up for street next season based on these recomendations. If I get anywhere remotely close to 1 tenth of the top times, I'll look for a stock cat to put back on so I'm fair and square.
  2. From what I've seen, the current popular picks are the RT660 and the A052, right? Any other competitive tires out there? Which does everyone prefer?
  3. Just got my S2000 done and they were as great as always. They let me hang out in the garage while they did it. Most places would freak out about a "normy" in the garage, but they were super chill about it and even asked for my input a few times. Crazy good price for their time, too.
  4. Yeah, that's what I put on, I didn't wanna run a test pipe. I hate the smell and I feel slightly better about my impact with a cat of some kind on there. According to the rulebook, though, high flow cats moves you out of street and into STR.
  5. My Catalytic converter went missing... a frustrating experience but I'm positive there is a lost cat poster joke in there somewhere. Anyway, the OEM cat is like $700-$1400 depending on which dealer you ask but an aftermarket unit is $200. I thought this was great news, a high flow cat for cheaper than OEM! Then I realized that takes me out of street class, I think I should be and into Street Touring, maybe STR? So long story short, how do I get myself moved now that I've already registered?
  6. I like Mufflers and More but it's eastern Gilbert. I had them do my 67 bug's exhaust and they'll be doin my S2000's exhaust here soon(lost a cat, sad day). I bought a muffler for the 67 Bug and they custom welded piping to get it to sit where I wanted it for a reasonable cost and the welds are solid. I think it was Cole I worked with, solid dude. https://g.page/mufflersandmore?share
  7. Yup, was thinking high flow cat in the future (not a test pipe, I'm not here to be obnoxious) and leaving the stock airbox. The dyno testing you can find on YouTube proves Honda didn't' skimp on the intake on these S2000's!
  8. Heck yeah! Early registration is awesome!
  9. No answer by phone so I dropped them an email, thanks again Kim!
  10. I'm not sure how to change my reagion. My SCCA log in just shows that I am both an SCCA memeber as well as an Arizona SCCA member. I'd love to get early access to registration and this is the only place I auto-x at.
  11. I'm considering putting an aftermarket exhaust on my car, but I'm concerned about breaking sound at events. I see the limit is 96db @ 50 feet on AMP's site, but it doesn't specify throttle or rpm range for this test. Can anyone shed a little more light on this?
  12. Being out of state for this is making me really sad. I'd love to have some extra seat time especially with a ride-along or an experienced driver driving my car. Hopefully we do another one of these next season!
  13. Yup, welcome to C Street! I'm in a Blue 06 Honda S2000, all our leaderboards are 2019+ miata's!
  14. I picked mine up from Ravi at We Don't Lift racing. He's got helmets on hand and plenty of knowledge to share. Plus his prices are more than fair!
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