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  1. I'll take to play around with.
  2. Looking for 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon to help with Tech. Its an easy job and gets your work assignment out of the way before the day starts. Also allows you to register early. PM me if interested.
  3. Yep. I just deleted my previous cars.
  4. I should be in DSP with my 2013 Mini Cooper GP.
  5. To clarify. If you don't have a sticker in your door jam that says Phoenix AZ Solo - SCCA Annual Tech, you don't have annual tech. Not to be confused with the AMP sound sticker. Here is a photo of the annual tech sticker. We started using them last month.
  6. Driver wristbands are now done at registration when you check in. At tech we only tech cars that don't have annual tech and place a small dot sticker on the larger sticker you receive at registration with your info. If you have annual tech all you have to do is registration and then prep your car foe the day.
  7. Just a reminder that all full SCCA members, non weekend members, are eligible for Annual Tech. This saves you the hassle of waiting in line to get your car teched. This also helps expedite the whole day. The sooner we all get through Registration and Tech the sooner we can have the drivers meeting and get more runs in. There is a pinned post above that has the forms to print out. I will personally print our a few spares for this month for those that don't have a printer or if forgot yours at home. If you need to fill the form out while in line at tech I will ask you to circle around and go tot he back of the line so we can keep the line moving. While this is not mandatory at this point it really does help the day move along. There are no disadvantages to having annual tech. Reminder that Annual Tech is only available to full SCCA members. If you pay the yearly membership fee you are good to go. Feel free to message me or see me at the track if you have any questions. Thanks Chris Steele Chief of Tech
  8. Jim. If you're still looking I may have a set for you. PM me.
  9. Looking for 2 individuals that run in afternoon run groups, C or D, to work tech for the foreseeable future. Preferably individuals that are at every event. Get your work assignment done before the event starts. Then you can sit back and relax for the rest of the event. Feel free to shoot me a PM and I can fill you in on the details. Thanks!
  10. interested to see if these will fit over the calipers on my Mini. Are you open to me coming by for a test fit?
  11. I will have them again on Saturday. I normally run in the morning but will stick around for tech in the afternoon too.
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