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  1. Oddity. I opened the forum but was not logged in; page events are off by one day (SSCC event is 11 Oct, the site paints 11 and then re-paints to 10). I thought it was Scott, he said nope, it is me 😄. My phone showed 10 Oct as well. When I login, it repaints to 11 Oct. If I am not logged in but go to the calendar (which shows 11 Oct) and come back, it repainted it back to 11 Oct. The date remains correct if I never log out. If I logout, close FireFox, open again and go back to the forum, it shows it at 11 then repaints 10 Oct. Like I said, odd. FYI: windows 10 system(s) and
  2. I 10 westbound exit to Houghton is closed. Not eastbound. SV drivers have to go a different approach, not PX drivers.
  3. Yup. Was referring that it isn't a typo in the results page. I sent Bill an email, will see what he says. Thanks
  4. Will discuss with the prez. It registered as STS tho.
  5. 1st cut of the results are posted on the SSCC site. Goes final Thursday-ish unless I totally screwed it up.
  6. Dave/Kim I can drop this on the SSCC (SierraSportsCarClub) web site if that would help. I have no problem accessing the AMP Waiver 9-20.pdf on my windows system or my apple phone. (my system did whine that it is not a https connection tho. impact possible?) It will be no login required tho. Let me know Randy
  7. Results are posted on SierraSportsCarClub.com. As well as the SSCC COVID 19 requirements if you want to see what we did.
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