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  1. Sorry, was out and about for a couple days. Cash or check are collected at the event. No credit cards or PayPal. Don't be the first guy in line with a $100 bill either... 😄 Randy
  2. Results are posted. Next event is projected for Sep 19
  3. SV Approved on 7/29.
  4. Pending approval by City of Sierra Vista: Our next autocross is August 15th at the SIERRA VISTA AIRPORT, registration opens August 6th at 7AM
  5. Open track night at Musselman Honda Circuit. June 12 PM Info is on the web site
  6. Race2Win - thanks for updating me.
  7. Yeah, I dunno what is up with the Tire Rack RE-71R closeout/discount thing. Other places have them in stock (Discount Tire, Amazon...). I just bought my RE-71Rs on Amazon for $20 cheaper than Tire Rack, Tire Rack only had one anyway. Perhaps Tire Rack cannot find them right now.
  8. Welcome back - I still feel like an orphan.... 😄 https://www.sierrasportscarclub.com/
  9. Actually you don't even need to login to create a calendar: Add Calendar Event You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.
  10. Results are posted. Update Number 1 will be out soon. Update 1 was added 1/18
  11. Yeah, I see them. Gene is heading home now to his system. He thinks he has some reset counter to zero option "thing" somewhere. I will keep looking in the mean time
  12. No worries. If you have time while you are in, the Snell reference is to SCCA's 2017 pdf. The only reason I bring it up is because the SCCA's 2021 pdf shows a 2005 Snell is valid until the end of the year (2021/12/31) - probably their typo but who knows. Thanks Manfred
  13. 2020 results are posted on the web site https://www.sierrasportscarclub.com/
  14. Due to lack of rain, the Forest Service fire aircraft have returned. If the rain does not change soon we will not have the area open to have the event. Arrrg! Update: The event is no longer on Hold - it has now been cancelled.
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