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  1. Randy Schultz and Dave Pressler are currently intending to attend.
  2. Registration is open. You will not be getting the usual email registration notice for this event. Yes I know why and the notices will be back for the May event
  3. Registration got dinked. If you registered Friday morning you may have been lost, please verify that you are still registered. Randy
  4. Gene took a tour yesterday. I think we are a go. Gene is on the road this am, I will verify some things later this morning (may change the start time also). Website should be updated this afternoon. Update: The event it at SV Airport. We are starting 30 minutes later. The price was also raised by $5.
  5. Manfred: Sent you an email with my double check findings Randy
  6. Excellent work. Our old dog logo, for SSCC, is good but I like your new one
  7. My 2 cents I would recommend that you take the SSS online course anyway (beside, it can't hurt). After that you are considered a trainee and have to work 2 events (and info submitted) before your certification is completed. Your shadow would be considered as one (post online course completion) Randy
  8. Results are posted. Back to my broken water heater..... Arrg
  9. That is at the Phoenix Fire Department Training Academy. That is where the Ford training will occur
  10. Nov 21 is still the event date *but* moved to Musselman. SV Corvette Club will be there as well
  11. We are back! Nov 21 is still the event date *but* at Musselman. Still have to update paperwork, etc. but it is a go
  12. SV airport construction is not complete. Our Nov 21 event is now: location and time are TBD. More to follow...
  13. Sorry, was out and about for a couple days. Cash or check are collected at the event. No credit cards or PayPal. Don't be the first guy in line with a $100 bill either... 😄 Randy
  14. Results are posted. Next event is projected for Sep 19
  15. Pending approval by City of Sierra Vista: Our next autocross is August 15th at the SIERRA VISTA AIRPORT, registration opens August 6th at 7AM
  16. Open track night at Musselman Honda Circuit. June 12 PM Info is on the web site
  17. Race2Win - thanks for updating me.
  18. Yeah, I dunno what is up with the Tire Rack RE-71R closeout/discount thing. Other places have them in stock (Discount Tire, Amazon...). I just bought my RE-71Rs on Amazon for $20 cheaper than Tire Rack, Tire Rack only had one anyway. Perhaps Tire Rack cannot find them right now.
  19. Welcome back - I still feel like an orphan.... 😄 https://www.sierrasportscarclub.com/
  20. Actually you don't even need to login to create a calendar: Add Calendar Event You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.
  21. Results are posted. Update Number 1 will be out soon. Update 1 was added 1/18
  22. Yeah, I see them. Gene is heading home now to his system. He thinks he has some reset counter to zero option "thing" somewhere. I will keep looking in the mean time
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