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2006 Mazda Miata setup for STR

Brad Owen

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A lot of you will know this car, a lot of you won't. We built this car in the early teens to run in STR. We ran it for several years there and then it retired to daily driver duties since then. It's replacement has been purchased so we need free up some garage space. 
2006 miata 155k miles 5 speed.
New OEM top and drivers seat 5k miles ago. 
Setup for STR with all the usual stuff. Intake, PPE header and midpipe, roadster sport exhaust, moto east tune, RX8 FSB, etc. 
Penske 8300 DA setup to work with 2.5 inch springs. 
2 sets of 17 by 8 inch wheels. 
Have most of the stock parts including wheels and a spare top frame. You will get everything in my garage that bolts to a Miata. 
This is an excellent car for local events. Fun, reliable, and cheap to run. But you can still drive it to work everyday. Put that stimulus check to good work! 
Price is $10k. Hoping this will goto a local autocrosser who will put it to good use. I have not put it up for sale anywhere else yet. I've only posted 2 pictures, one of it looking rad on course and one of it looking sad in the garage. If you are even remotely interested let me know and come look at it. I'm around most days and times. However I can't wait forever before I have to start dealing with the Craigslist crazies. 

Miata Rad.jpg

Miata Sad.jpg

Edited by Brad Owen
update miles and transmission type
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