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F500 F-Mod car and trailer

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I did the  frame and suspension redesign, conversion to the big motor, and most of the reconstruction. Feel free to IM me on technical questions.

Aircraft quality welding, aluminum panel forming, and floor bonding were done professionally by Harrison Auto Dynamics

I am running this ad for the owners, the Blanchard's. Tom will probably not be able to autocross any more in any car.  -Chuck 


Selling:  1995 Red Devil F-Mod Solo car, spares, tools, and trailer.

$20k additional spent in 2-year long rebuild/upgrades over original cost of car.


Car and giant well organized tool boxes, special FM tools, spares, racing fuel. New bead seat kit; probably enough for several seats. Car and all tools and tool boxes plus Pit equipment:  $11k.

The trailer is a 2003 Dakota Competitor V-nose.  Approximately 16’ has 2 tool boxes, tie down rails, power hitch, and aluminum ramps for the car. Lights inside and a spare tire.

Trailer and no tools or tool boxes priced at  $11k

Selling everything. Package deal at $19.9k.  That is $2100 off a separately sold sum of $22k. 

Prefer not to separate car and trailer unless car sells first since no place to store the car plus tools/tool chests.



Complete bare frame rebuild with many upgrades, including brand new professionally-built Rotax 494 (Brad Huling).

Cost is probably higher now, but original motor cost from Hueling to build  ( rebuildable motor core was sent to him) was about $4500 just for motor.

Over $1000 in CVT.

Dyno time and 11 autocross runs on motor.

7.5x19.5x10 tires on all 4 corners of car.

Large, high tech ceramic coated muffler. No HP loss along with being quiet.

Rack and pinion steering unit rebuilt with extra machine work to improve it.

New primary and freshly machined secondary CVT.

AIM Evo3 data recorder and dash display for water temp, RPM, etc.

Fuse box for acessories (few, if any,F500 are supplied from factory with fuses or breakers!)

Well engineered and thought-out Rotax 494 conversion using specially machined motor mounting which offers many features such as great access to the carbs for tuning with pipe off to side.

Rotax motor conversions to Kawasaki  powered cars are usually always very difficult and expensive to perform.

Air filters do not require oiling and they both flow and filter better than K&Ns.

Extremely efficient cooling from new dual radiator setup using 2 enormous Spal fans mounted in special shrouds. Separate fan battery.  Dry break connections in radiator hoses readily accessible on grid for connection to a chill box so car can be run safely w/out HP loss even on AZ summer days.. Electric water pump for grid cooling after runs. Larger, more efficient radiators instead of typical VW Sirocco used in most F500.

Cockpit  should accommodate a VERY large driver. Pedal assembly fore-aft location is adjustable.  Brake bias is adjustable front to rear with easy to reach cockpit knob.

Bead seat  epoxy can be poured or other  material can be used to tighten it up for smaller drivers.


Brand new floor pan and numerous upgrades to the Red Devil frame.

Original Red Devil design deficiencies in suspension all fixed.

Frame sandblasted and powder coated.

Note that most used sports racers and formula cars, especially F500, need a new floor pan for both safety and more consistent handling.

Parking lots can many times be harder on the frame and floor pan than some road courses!

This brand new floor pan has been high strength epoxied by Harrison Auto Dynamics.

 Epoxy like this was not available when cars like this were new.


Car and trailer are located in Silver City north of I-10 just over the AZ border from Wilcox, AZ.

 Contact info:  Carol Blanchard at 575-956-3151 Email is carol.newmex@gmail.com

Tom in Grid Nov 2019 - Copy (2).jpg


Newwiring andrebuiltRack.JPG

Redesigned PedalAssy.JPG


Trailer Front (2).jpg

Trailer Inside 2 (2).jpg

Tom in Pits (2).jpg

Tom & Car on the Line 8-4-19 (2).jpg

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