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June 2021 event - Marana

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Marana now confirmed for our next event! As I've warned previously, we will try to secure the site as often as we can this year, but it will be on a month to month basis and it could go away at any time.

Everyone did a great job following the rules last month and keeping all trash secured, so thank you. Any trash or FOD we leave will make it harder to get any more dates.

If you don't know what FOD is, you need to read up on the site rulesThis is an active airport and we must strictly follow the rules in order to keep the site.

See you all in a few weeks!

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18 hours ago, Nokones said:

Are we allowed to have guest on-site during the event?

Guest are allowed but spectators need to remain in the paddock or outside the fence

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Banner said:

Will this event be open to the Novice class as well?

Yes. For clarity here is what I posted for the last event, with some edits to account for updated policies:

  • Registration opens on Friday June 18th at 7pm
  • Online registration only, all entrants must prepay via PayPal - there will be no onsite registration or payments
  • In order to provide a good experience for everyone, the entry cap will be 100 drivers
  • Novices will be allowed
  • Spectators will be allowed, but must stay in paddock or outside the iron fence - not allowed in grid, next to the equipment truck, etc. We will expand paddock to provide more space and we ask that you continue to keep your physical distance from others not in your household
  • Masks: recommended for unvaccinated people
  • Run/work: A works for B (comp runs only), C works for D (time only runs), vice versa - if you skip time only runs you can leave early, the website now reflects this correctly

The biggest change from last event is the entry cap, we didn't think through the initial number very well last time. We ended up settling at ~100 drivers last time, one of the largest events we've ever done and we still got the event done at a very reasonable time.

That said, expect the next event to be a lot warmer and maybe even hot.

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2 hours ago, Jay said:

Hello, thank you for indicating novices are allowed.  Are minors with a license also allowed?  

Thank you, Jay.  

Here's what I said for last event:


On 5/14/2021 at 3:00 PM, Manfred said:

Novices are OK for this event.

For minors to participate, there are extra waiver requirements - please contact the waiver chief at chiefwaiver@azbrscca.org for more info. You might need to get something notarized, but the waiver chief is the expert on that, not me.

The 16 year old must have a driver's license or learner's permit. If it's a learner's permit, then they must have an adult with a valid driver's license in the passenger seat for all of their runs and we would expect you to supply the adult.

We will have vaccinated instructors available but only for novices who are extremely lost and need help to know where the course goes. I want to stress that this is optional and subject to the comfort level of the novice and the instructor.


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Registration is still open I believe, so *if there is still room*, then yes. Go to registration, if green, then yes.

You do know they need to register under their own name, right? Own account? Then in your notes and theirs mention your co-drive connection.

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Thank you. Yes, I just saw that on the website that the co-driver must register separately. I'll have him register. In the event that there is no more room, would he be able to do a ride-along with me, as long as he has an approved helmet? 

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