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Seeking webmaster

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone interested in volunteering some of their time to contribute to the website.

Currently, it's just me doing the edits - that means the website has a bus factor of 1-2, depending on whether you want to count the previous webmaster (who is out of state and not contributing to the site).

At a bare minimum, I'd like to show someone the absolute basics so that if I get hit on the head, someone else can take over and at least know how to make simple changes. Longer term, there is a possibility of taking over the webmaster role if I get tired of it, or if I decide I want to quit autocross and take up underwater basket weaving, etc. There are also some bigger projects I'd like to tackle, and I'll feel better about them if I have help with the coding, pull requests, etc.

The website runs on a fairly standard basket of web technology (HTML, PHP, Javascript, etc.). You do not need to be an expert in any of this (I'm not!). And although I'd strongly prefer someone who writes code on a professional basis, or someone who contributes code to open source projects, the bare minimum qualification is someone who:

  • knows what a for loop is and can write one it at least one coding language
  • is a self starter, good at googling things and teaching themselves stuff (because, again, I'm not actually an expert and I'm ill equipped to teach you web tech)

There is a possibility of trading website contributions in place of a work assignment at an event. If you're interested, please PM me!

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