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Transition to Musselman Honda Circuit... September 27

David Rock

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We are excited to announce our next event on September 27 at the Musselman Honda Circuit. Due to COVID-19 we have not run an event since March both from a safety perspective and the Marana Airport site has been turned into a commercial airplane parking lot. We are now ready to run a COVID-19 safe event with appropriate precautions and cooperation from all of us. There are new rules for this site that also include the expectations for operating with COVID-19. The updated event information will be posted on our site shortly. Registration will be at AZBR Event Registration and participation will be limited to 50 drivers on a first come basis. No guests or non-participants are allowed... drivers only... others will be turned away. The cost of entry has been increased $5 and the Paypal fee has been waved. Be sure to register early if you want to get in on the action.

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Dave, are open-faced helmets still OK for us? Someone noticed that their PDF of regulations mentioned having full-faced helmets. I think they meant for open vehicles.

Under “Participants”......


6. Track drivers or accompanying mechanics, coaches, or observers must have their own safety equipment including, at a minimum, a driving helmet with full face shield.

EDIT - This just in from a AZBR source, open-faced helmets are fine. Yea!



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The website is mostly up to date with the new site details, still missing some things. There are a few very important details for the next event I want to highlight before I forget:

1. No novices for the September event.
This is because the event is taking place partly on a race track, and it's our very first time at this site, and due to covid we cannot put instructors into cars with novices right now, and...probably other reasons I'm forgetting. Once we've had an event or two under our belts, and we have an understanding of where the possible safety issues are and how to mitigate them, we do plan on allowing novices to enter.

2. Max 50 entrants, no spectators
This is a covid rule. Get your F5 buttons ready for registration open. And if you know you're not going to make it, please cancel as soon as you know so others can register. (You can do that by going to the reg site, clicking on the "Register for this event!" button, and then clicking "Cancel registration" in the lower right.)

3. All entrants must pre register AND pre pay via PayPal
Also a covid rule. We are waiving PayPal fees so now there's no excuse. The PayPal page is here, and a link will also pop up when you register.

4. We will switch to SSCC-style run/work
Grid access is tricky, this ensures the event will run on time. Essentially run groups A/B will be combined into a single run group - you'll do your comp runs and then go straight into your TO runs. Then cars and workers will swap and C/D will run the same way. Please keep in mind this means I have less flexibility to accommodate your run group requests. Preference goes to those who register earlier.


Any further questions, please post here.

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Reg has been open for a little over 12 hours and there are 16 open spots remaining! Guess we're all a little starved for some cone dodging. 🙂 

The reg software doesn't have waitlists. I apologize if you try to register and it's full, I realize that's not a great experience, but we've never had to deal with entry limits before.

Waitlists are not a simple feature to add - it's something we'll look at doing in the near future, but I can't promise you when.

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Good question....

Typically no, only Phoenix does that. In the past paper copies were available at Registration, but many things are different these days. Not sure how they will handle that. Posting online would be more Covid-compliant.

Maybe one of their Steering Committee knows and will share. Manfred?


Is this timeline still accurate? On your Website the Run/Work is not. I know there is no Novice Walk (Duh).

Any differences for Waiver or Tech? I have a Yearly Tech Card......and my own pen.😉 

Site Open
Registration & Tech Open
Registration Closes
Tech Closes
Novice Walk
Mandatory Site Meeting Everyone on site for the event must attend, driving or not.
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I can't say for sure if there will be course maps on site - this is a detail I didn't consider.

Given what we know about fomite transmission (or the lack thereof), I don't think we'll change that any (edit: I realize I didn't answer the question; we typically have course map copies at registration but we don't normally post the map online before the event). But maybe it's something to discuss in a board meeting.

The run work on the website is technically correct, which is the best kind of correct. 🙂 On your reg sheet there will still be four run groups, A through D - and we do it that way mostly for timing/scoring purposes. But from an operational perspective it should flow like two run groups - if your comp runs are in A, you are doing TOs in B. The rest of the schedule is unchanged.

There might be a parade lap. That's above my pay grade.

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A few things. First, to have to transition to a completely new site, and redefine where everything goes, and then anticipate the flow of people as well as functions (Tech, staging, pits, timing table, start, finish), this doesn’t just happen. Then, to pull it all off this smoothly speaks highly of this Team. Well done.

Now toss in a completely new surface arrangement, with a mix of parking lot and road course, and to be able to blend all this well was a major accomplishment. Great course, BTW.

I’m sure lessons were learned for next time, but wow, well done Border Region. Looking forward to the next event(s). What’s next, the “Two Days of Awesome?”.👍

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