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Rotax 493 Pro-Built zero hrs


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My fresh 493 may be the best engine to use for Solo F-Mod. It fits some chassis much better than the rotary valve (yellow head) which typically has to the lifted up and tilted forward on aluminum bocks so its lower carbs clear above the rear axle. On cars with a jackshaft behind the motor, the same is true. My motor can mount flat on the chassis and clear the jackshaft or jackshaft and center sprocket on some chassis like the Raptor DE- series

My Brad Huling built 493 reed valve is not rotary valve like 494 and is a later generation motor than the 494.
The 493 and 593 are very close to each other. No restrictor needed on the 493 however.
As you can see in the photo, the carbs sit quite a bit higher than on the rotary valve 494.
I bought this motor for my ultimate design F500 F-Mod car which I will probably end up parting out now.
That car, in partly completed form, will be available in later post with a very good 493 with it.

This motor cost me $4300 plus shipping
Sell for $2100



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