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Weekend Membership Question!


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Kim Kemper is likely reading this, and I think if he’s not “the guy” who knows, he could find out. A few things changed with Covid regarding this option, but I’m sure they can figure this out for you.

Hang tight, I suspect you're not alone on this. Kim should check in soon, or Lance maybe. 

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as Scott said I am not the guy but am asking others

autoxchris  what is your name please? 

4 hours ago, smeyers said:

From the membership form......

Also Membership Form

this form appears to be from 2017  I believe the more current form is: 


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49 minutes ago, AutoXChris said:

Chris Simons


Danielle Simons


so no more applying the weekend membership to joining and becoming a member then? 

Thank you Chris

Our understanding of the process is this. After the event has occurred the club and MSR sends information on the weekend membership and the club sends payment for the event insurance and the weekend membership fees. Once SCCA has received this information and payment they create a credit for your weekend membership that can be applied to a regular membership (credit is only good for 60 days). After this week I would suggest contacting membership@scca.com  to confirm your credit. (please cc me on that email kkempvet@aol.com) 

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